Full Force

Birt 31 júl 2019
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airsoftfatty: ischats.info/title/o0QZK9Yo32ObNbjp1kjBSQ.html
Uncle Dane, filmer and editor: ischats.info
Ben Zimmer, lore expert: bentozeee
airsoftfatty van theme music: soundcloud.com/dyallas
epic duel theme music: soundcloud.com/soundsmith323
epic duel lightsaber fx: www.fiverr.com/mckaywescott
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Full Force is a long video / documentary about airsoft fatty. He's a youtuber, star wars fan, large guy, and airsofter. We took a look at his life, how he became fat, his journey to become not fat, and the passion him and his friends have for star wars.


  • Yo man this was a good time. Btw house is finnally getting the repairs starting next week. Robert and i are talking. Im hopeing we can get back to being friends again .

    • Please stop consuming tap water, it's loaded with chemicals, hormones, and literal poisons. Instead, drink and cook with filtered or clean spring water. Boiling tap water will not remove any of the toxins.

    • Hope robert finds the help he needs brother

    • Your a good person.

    • Your a fat fucking slob

    • H

  • He looks like poh from KFP

  • This dude just lives for fun. Pretty wholesome

  • hahahahahahahahahaha! If he thinks that's full force, clearly he ain't lost a finger yet.

  • This is so Class

  • get idoobbbz to 10 mil subs cuz why not

  • if airsoftfatty becomes fit and hot, his channel name should be airsoftfitandhot

  • Robert thinks he's an anime villain and it fucking shows.

  • this is my favorite video on the internet, ever.

  • The thing about mike is he is obviously a stoner and all stoners love to burn stuff especially weed

  • I think we’ve stumbled across a young Mr. Plinkett

  • *mike doing his own thing* best part of the video. No one knows what hes doing but hes doing it 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Air soft can u shout put to me

  • Lovely

  • Does anyone know Robert's ISchats channel?

  • "5:26" oh my gosh thank you I've been really thinking about my life he’s the only one getting me free money *pyptolmon. xyz* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • This was truly one of the most wonderful things I've watched on ISchats. What a wholesome content creator... *autoplay starts two hours of Kickstarter Crap*

  • uncle dane edited this ?

  • It was genuinely touching to see that Robert was hurt by the fact that he doesn't believe Chris treats him like a real friend.

  • The editing in this video is fucking immaculate.

  • Chris is the most american amarican america has ever made

  • mazel tov cocktail

  • I’m js..he couldn’t have had the decency to put a shirt on when guest where at his house..

  • HOOP

  • Anyone else find it chilling that fattys mom said this about Robert... “I wouldn’t be surprised if I did not find out he has killed someone” she’s dead now so if Robert kills someone she won’t find out

  • Mazaltov cocktail 🤔

  • he actually looks like a hella cool guy to hang out with

  • 21:48 airsoftfatty trying to be cool

  • mike is awesome

  • That's America right there

  • that ending was really nice... this feels like a real movie. that montage of chris and robert was incredible.

  • He has created the first meat salad

  • Robert said "Mazel tov cocktail" hahaha

  • Robert started sounding like an 8 year old kid on a roblox role playing game when he started talking about “my demon”

  • T

  • "I cant translate it to human"

  • Star Wars: the fall of the fat guy A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a Jedi liked his noodles a little dry, and hated full force. And sausages. And he has 2 MG Midgets and a jet-ski.

  • lol 0:21

  • RIP Chris’s mother 1872-2019

    • @Billowy nope, the last person from the 1800s (1899) died a few years ago


  • This is literally the most epic documentary I have ever watched. 🔥✌️🤍

  • 0:47 I dieded

  • Fatty gave up a looooooong time ago.

  • Why does everyone go YeeHaw when they do something crazy in a car?

  • Robert looks like Magnus Karlsen...

  • There is actually a very cool museum in the town so it’s not a $#!%hole.

  • Naruto

  • this is what the good ol days are....

  • Third time watching and it’s still hilarious

  • that was a cheeky poetic ending. nice.

  • Fuck man, what am I doing? My quiz is due in like 15 minutes

    • @Michael Tocco my man's getting 1 mistakes good to hear lad

    • @JoeShmoeCrow all good! Got a 19 out of 20 then went right back and finished this video.

    • yo how's your quiz?

  • the caffeine along with the amout of sugar in most products with caffeine are 50% of the reason hes heavy trust me .

  • Roberts gonna kill y'all. Lol

  • Dude the ending was so beautiful it was like a movie dude

  • Fatty is in his own apartment or something- and he is doing videos with Robert as of September of 2020 yaaaaa yeet

  • Robert is like the black sheep member of that "Alaskan Bush People" family

  • Mike has stoned himself into another dimension where all of this is absolutely reasonable.

    • It’s becuase his body can take the stress, he is more powerful than all of us combined. A true madlad

  • I just now noticed how idubbbz is 29 and he is talking to a 22 year old what's weird is it doesn't fucking matter so I don't know why I pointed it out

  • Honestly one of his most chill videos and one of my favorite videos that says a lot

  • They cannot feed cats ice cream

  • How have I only just now came across this masterpiece?...

  • Firekeepers is less than 15 minutes from Battle Creek and it’s right off the highway. I’m no gambler but I know it’s pretty fun.

  • The most ambitious anime battle ever

  • Mozzle toff cocktail 🤣🤣🤣

  • Your going to hell for recording all this 💀 😂.

  • When I heard naruto, I couldn’t unhear it

  • “That wasn’t even 40%”. That quote radiates so much menacing aura and badass that I can’t even describe

  • He has a. Meth/crack pipe

  • My name is Ian and I always hated it till I discovered you, thankyou

  • alexandria ocasio-cortez

  • Chris says "noodle lives matter" and less than 60 seconds later "go crazy like Katrina". He lives nowhere near where Katrina hit. Why so bothered Chris? Racist?

  • Why does robert remind me of trevor from gta 5..

  • I have to say. The thumbnail looks so wholesome.


  • I just realized at 7:26 He only has one shoe.

  • Robert clearly says "Wuv tabs" and I can't get over it

  • Damn this was a year ago.

  • idubbz the entire video was just like I cant explain this

  • This guy sounds like naruto kinda

  • I’ve watched this 10 times it still makes me laugh

  • best most interesting video i've seen on youtube so far

  • Naruto!!!

  • He's the person everyone would love to act like but is to embarrassed I hope He's doing well.

  • I think we all can agree, that Michigan's tap water is to blame for all of this.

  • Beautiful

  • 29:00 where did that music come from? not ashamed to say ive watched this atleast 20 times since it came out. at least the music is well new

  • Watching this makes me realize (as someone who lives near Battle Creek) that no one knows anything about us

  • 5:05 can confirm that’s a welcome to Michigan gift

  • Robert is the worst character In this anime

  • “Then the fans took it a step further and threatened to Mozel tov cocktail his house”

  • 24:48 i see he is a man of quality

  • I want my 52 minutes of my life back

  • Who and THE FU*K feeds a cat birthday cake ice cream.

  • Darth Diabetes *Vs* Obi ‘one’ chromosome

  • Is this the new anime everyone’s talking about

  • Star Wars: the rise of blood pressure

  • It’s funny to think that a fat guy with little hygiene and a really messy house has more humanity and more to love than a blonde haired ripped prick with a multi million dollar mansion. This guy is a A in my book

  • While you go on about how strange he is, he's literally just a southern boy who happens to have some pretty normal interests. Wierd thing about Michigan, its very southern even though it isn't.

  • I'ma be honest roberts little "ya mean this one?" Made me laugh

  • fatty is honestly super adorable in a hella nerdy way :’) hope he’s doing ok

  • robert looks and sounds like he's 7 years old with a beard-