"Comedians?" on Skateboards Getting Falafel - Radjor

Birt 28 mar 2017
Sorry there hasn't been many videos. I got some strep throat and a limp dick. Big announcement soon.
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  • It takes some real balls to go out in public and mongo push, and mall grab like that.

  • It's hard to watch this. I know he's joking but I just can't feel to sympathetic

  • Sometimes i cant tell whats real or staged

  • Lol

  • What happened to Ian's hair:(

  • the mongo push

  • 6:53 fuck

  • This is the guy you calling SIMP?!

  • Idubbbz: "yea I skate" *pushes goofy mongo in the rain*

  • Did this one accidentally get put on his main channnel?

  • This poor guy

  • this was another nice series

  • this episode reminds me of myself... jordan i feel ur pain

  • Poor board skating in the rain... disrespectful:(

  • So you feature Radjor on your main channel but h3h3 goes on iDubbbztv2?

  • The hell's a terrarium dog? (Edit) I looked it up dude I'm kinda retarded I'm not gonna lie okay.

  • Why are people so defensive of a man coming to there house at an unknown time of the day randomly, like?

  • mall grab 😣😹

  • you guys are both mall grabing

  • Idubbz seemed a bit rude when he went to his house

  • 7:20 mall grab 💀

  • I'll miss raj. ian often mentions him as a really close friend. Pity we will never see them in more videos together. R.I.P raj

  • how did i never see this one

  • I miss Raj. I want more Raj

  • He mastered the art of quarantine life style before it was cool

  • Offering public sanitizer BC (before covid)

  • Love my cruise board but you always got to have yourself a toy board

  • y u no shred dat street bruv

  • Samari buyer

  • 6:16 that’s the shitty music in every morgz video

  • that hand sanitizer in the falafel place feels natural now. how did we ever live without sanitizing our hands 24/7?

  • Ian wearing sweats 😥

  • How dare Ian mall grab

  • ian is so attractive in this

    • i was waiting for someone to say it he’s so fine

  • Radjor seems so uncomfortable during this

  • What’s the channel of the guy Ian is with?

  • Does idubbbz remind anyone else of Johnny Knoxville? Or is it just me?

  • 8:45 Here, we observe the viewer checking how much time is left in the video to see if they went bowling

  • Anyone else getting a Jewish vibe off Radjor

  • Dude I had that board in 2010

  • I'm getting flashbacks of my ex-girlfriend watching this

  • Ian was prepared for 2020 06:53

  • I wish he would bring this back

  • You should bring this back, this show is amazing

  • Casually leaks address

  • I just know realize this is a parody of Jerry's Seinfelds subpar car show.

  • “I’ll see ya very soon Jordan” “See you Ethan”

  • This is so sad and feels too real, is it real??

  • More than halfway through and they are just staring to skateboard. No falafel in sight. Very disappointed 😪

  • Jordan gives off “orange haired chef from ratatouille” vibes

  • wow mall grab and mongo lmao.

  • “Get some shots of him looking fuckin depressed”

  • 7:50 its because they make their nest outa like anything really they get like thin ropes and fish and all this in it and get their feet caught and they :( come off

  • This video is getting me the same vibes as seinfield and obama going to grab coffee

  • Man we need more videos for this series.

  • 300 dollars that’s a god damn deal

  • its suprising that ian actually almost landed an ollie with a cruiser

  • The Falafel shop knew what was up 6:53

  • I can’t believe iDubbbz always doxxes everybody he does this series with lol.

  • peen

  • this video makes me depressed

  • Can Ian have his own queer eye where he goes to random men's apartments and just does this

  • god this is depressing.

  • He pushes mongo☹️

  • "Get some shots of him looking , fucking depressed XD ."

  • When you first started this show i was the most excited ive ever been watching your vids, its been 3 years now and im still patiently awaiting the next video.


  • 4:48 why does this sound so fucking familiar

  • Idubbbz skateboarding turns me on so much. This guy is so attractive. Oh my goodness. I love how he looks, that smile gets me. FUCK!

  • that other guy definitely dropped acid you can see his pupils r dilated as fuck

  • Mark Zuckerburg and his friend pushing mongo.

  • Ur a very good hairstylist

  • Before he was simp.

  • 7:02 i came to watch this scene again.

  • 6:16 mOrGz pAuSe ChAlLeNgE

  • 6:52 use with care we will need it in the future

  • Who's operating the camera ?

  • That’s literally the guy from ratatouille

  • Does Ethan push mongo if so that’s monkaS

  • If a wild animal had diabetes they’d die cuz even humans die from it with medication. And fat wild animals die too cuz natural selection

  • Little did Ian know, he had used liquid gold 3 years in advance. You fool, you should have been saving.


  • Todd chavez?

  • Ian pushes mongo. Lol.

  • how did I MISS THIS?

  • he looks like Gilbert from iCarly

  • ooooo regimen reveal vid!!!! trying to plan my life thnxxxxxxx

  • this whole video was just plain uncomfortable to watch

  • why am i not surprised that ian pushes mongo

  • micheal is ian's dad ian is raddy man's dad

  • אני ממש אוהב falafel


  • this is a cinematic masterpiece

  • why is idubbbz such an og. on jaw

  • Idubbz with the mall grab

  • Why are these guys such blatant violators of social distancing laws.

  • Fun fact: Michael Stevens was the cameraman the whole time

  • Nerd

  • The mall grab annoys me

  • RIP radjor