Content Deputy - Leafy Response

Birt 19 sep 2016
type 'hairline' in the chat if you agree with anything i said in this video
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  • _Where's the cyberbullying?_ -Leafy, 2016 I think he found it.

  • The year is 2020: Machine Man lives again and the Leafy menace was vanished.

  • LeafyWasHere: Where's the cyber bullying? iDubbbz: The entire fucking video was about it.

  • If leafy looks like kirito from Sword art, I'm Yami from Black Clover made reality Ttbf Leafy has more of a Rem (RE:Zero) look than any other anime char

  • 5:50

  • anyone watching in 2020

  • I watched this in 2020

  • Hairline

  • Chin

  • city girls act up

  • lol

  • Hey look idubbbz is wearing a Nebraska corn husker Jersey thanks idubbbz for shouting out meh state

  • youtube is ridiculous

  • hannity

  • Well leafy got terminated. In 2020. Damn dude....

  • Damn good

  • I just realized Ian was listening to Fidlar he just got 1000x cooler lol

  • I still come by Leafys grave sometimes

  • ahh yes my favorite side of ISchats

  • Simp


    • @Luka Brusselaers toatl 😑😑

    • @why why if you really want to know why i called idubbz a simp, I did it to in a way start a wark in the reply section, because i was quite bored, i was 10 steps a head of you, therefore i am not the god of roasting, but the god of tactics and intelligence

    • @Luka Brusselaers I'm not a fan

    • @why why still not getting it, are you a fan of idubbz or not,

    • @Luka Brusselaers okay, then

  • I'm sorry and I love you but that is a FAT ASS forehead ma dude

  • eldersreact tayk beckylynch boystomen bangbang morejstu promare

  • plz come back, i miss you when you used to call these morons out for their shit. You were a god truly.

  • 2016 was the last year when ppl didn’t get offended

  • what's the name of the song he played when he did the hairline shave thing

  • h a i r l i n e

  • Idubbbz is so fricken' *POWERFUL* holy heck

  • Line of hair

  • Reported for bullying. Leafy is better. Prepare to get terminated.

    • You make leafy fans look bad

    • Lol Little hypocrite leafy simp

    • Are you a kid?

    • Bruh moment

    • you sure showed him bro he'll definitely get taken down from your one report lol

  • Please how does idubbz make any money

    • He has an ice cream store in new york

  • daughtry bitcoin joebiden 24hours

  • You suck idiot

    • @Woolfless hey dumb ass I answered your question You happy?

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy I'm sorry to tell you this but the guy you worship is a simp as well

    • @Woolfless I just wasn't notified kid And I don't care if he doesn't notice me I just like saying mean shit to people because i know nothing they say will come close to me

    • @NO LIVES MATTER lol

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy damm your so sad you can’t even answer if your gonna try to act smart at least reply looser

  • looking back I just think that leafy was just really high

  • celticmusic curren$y cinefix davie504 usainbolt catsmeowing


    • @Gamer_of_doom it pains me to do this because i hate reddit and this is extremely annoying and hopefully this will be the only time i ever do it but r/whoooosh

    • @Pake Jaul chrome

    • vro you on internet explorer

    • Slowpoke.jpg

    • You say after he has been banned back to back on 2 platforms

  • simp

  • Bro this vid is already 4 years old wtf

  • Rot in pieces, you chinless freak. So happy that he was terminated.

    • amen brother the kids are crying!

    • When you realize you are as toxic as leafy:

  • Simpdubbz

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy thank u dude he’s hypocrite to talk shit about pokimane fan base is perverts because he’s hypocritical himself.remember Katie triggers me.

    • @MoreTarun well I didn't celebrate his ban I just don't like him at all

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy thank u man I love idubbbz like u and celebrate leafy ban

    • @mario mario well saying someone isn't hot isn't criticism And it's not even criticizing people

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy Leafy has changed his criticisms have become more valid and he stopped making fun of children

  • hairline

  • Ladies and gentlemen we got him

  • hairline

  • biggie smalls

  • Well this didn't age well

    • Says the kid with a fnaf pfp.

    • Oh but it did. You’re just too deep inside leafy

    • No The jokes about how it didn't age well didn't age well

  • Hairline

  • Yo a big brain

  • 9:37 damn. that snake has a bigger chin than leafy

  • Team leafy

  • IDubbz Is a Simp and a COCK head

  • LeafyWasHere

  • Hairline

  • Hairline.

  • 2:33 leafy ban from twitch brings me back to this

  • I miss old idubbz

  • Yoooo

  • 26 year old man

  • Hairline

  • E

  • Hisss

  • When you shaved your hairline... I lost it

  • Hahahaha ppl saying that edups won the war when leafy got banned lol. You're late. Edups won the war 4 years ago.

  • i got to watch all the videos once again before youtube delete them

  • Damn, his chin do be like his channel. Gone.

  • hairline

  • iDubbbz won the battle and Leafy didn't win anything so in that case, iDubbbz won the war

  • devil may cry 5

  • Leafy should get kicked in the balls for not Liking SlenderMan Gangnam Style

  • Something about watching this after Leafy got banned makes it more entertaining. ISchats hitting his channel all at once is actually concerning to me, but I’ve also enjoyed watching the entire commentary community do hours of mental gymnastics to make Leafy look like an innocent victim. This whole situation is just kinda hilarious. Edit: His twitch got banned too apparently. I’m sorry, but this dude’s just incompetent. His success in the stock market shows that he has some semblance of intelligence buried deep deep down, but he’s just horrible at every other part of life. I don’t know. Maybe he’ll grow up one day.

    • Van you try to either jystify or go against the 2 bans. Personally I feel ISchats should've given him a atrike because he was in a wrong with his clickbait pokit titles and no one can defend twitch's ban

  • Hairline

  • Literally everyone that commented "ah how the turntables" looks like a fucking moron right now

  • Regarding leafys ban: Oh so NOW youtube community guidelines are fair? When it's someone you don't like? Yeah fuck off with this stupid way of thinking. Anybody you like can be next now. Inb4 "fear mongering" Was it fear mongering when every other ISchatsr was speaking out about being fucked over at some point? Was it fear mongering when the adpocalypse happened? Was it fear mongering when ISchats keeps up animal abuse channels and bans other people for swearing because they're trying to turn youtube into Disney Channel? Okay mouthbreathers. Yeah ISchats community guidelines are REALLY fair aren't they? Killing cats is okay but don't you DARE swear or criticize anybody. Wait til IDubbbz is next for saying "nigger faggot" in his videos. We'll see where you stand after that

    • Yeah That was pretty unfair Doesn't mean I have to feel sympathy for him And idubbbz has pretty much moved away from saying nigga faggot So it's not gonna happen

  • Leafy Hater here: Making fun of a person's physical appearance is grade-school bullying. There's a lot more important things to go after with this creep. It shows a real lack of imagination. iDubbbz, you said you like bullying legitimate targets, but over how they look? You can be better than that. Say something like, "Leafy has worked very hard to be as dumb as he is. Such stupidity is not found in nature." or, if you do want to poke fun at appearance, then say, "He is really not so ugly after all, provided, of course, that you shuts your eyes, and do not look at him." If you want to go ancient, start with the Iliad: "The recklessness of their own ways destroyed them all." Or you could stick with the chin thing, but I guess this is all academic now.

    • The idea is that leafy bullied others over there appearance yet he's insecure about his own looks. This was basically giving leafy a taste of his own medicine.

    • You missed the point, of COURSE making fun of someone's appearance is grade-school bullying, that was the point Ian was trying to make. Leafy would always go after other people's appearances and make it the main joke of his videos but as it turns out, as all bullies do, they have insecurites and they often could dish it but can't take it, Leafy's insecurity would be his weak chin hence he would always try to hide it. Ian essentially exploited it and gave Leafy a taste of his own medicine. He was parodying Leafy by bullying the bully.

    • Well the idea was to do what leafy does and see how he reacts to his own content Its not gonna be the best Plus leafy will always look pathetic

  • What I find the most ironic is that he would make fun of people for being still young, 26 is very young but okay, but he would make fun of people being 25 or 26 of 30 or whatever on ISchats as if it's platform isn't for everybody, and now she's 25 still doing the same stuff he was doing when he was 19 that's it. Talk about the ultimate irony

    • @Μαριος Σουλτατης @Μαριος Σουλτατης I've been on this platform since 2006 so Like I said ISchats was a much different place and has changed gradually. No, everyone is not upset about leafy's ban in fact many people think that he brought it upon himself or that it was inevitable. I'm sorry that your favorite creater or creator that you liked is no longer on this platform. He is now on storyfire. Is there a larger debate the needs to beheld about ISchats's policy and how they enforce it? Sure. I'm not denying that. But at the end of the day no matter if you like it or not, leafy broke the policy and was *permanently banned.* And it's like you don't even read either because it most definitely was not out of nowhere. And leave his interview on drama alert he quite literally said he had multiple warnings and actually had several strikes on his channel, most of which were reversed but he still had one strike. *It didn't come out of nowhere for people that were paying attention.* he is not deplatformed. He's on storyfire Twitter Instagram Discord and Reddit. ISchats is a private company and you can't simultaneously want to support private companies and privatization and then be upset when that private company doesn't cater to what you like. They can make whatever rules they want because they are private company not a public forum. Like I said they're definitely can be a debate as a consumer and a customer of ISchats policy but at the end of the day they don't have to listen to you unless people in masks stop using you too and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I'm definitely not going to deny that leafy inspired people to make content. Like I said is someone who has been on this platform for almost 15 years, leafy was known as the father of commentary along with a few other people like Ray William Johnson, but his style and approach fell out of style and became look down upon. And it also doesn't mean that the people he inspired to bring on the platform or beneficial either or good but that's a separate conversation. He didn't change with the times. And content cop was the ace in the whole for a while on how behind and outdated and unappealing his content became. He did the same thing again and again which is why I wrote my comment and which is why he got banned. That's why big ISchatsrs from H3 H3 to penguinz0 to others all were not surprised he got banned because it was only a matter of time. And that's the reality whether you want to accept it or not. I won't be surprised if the next person that gets band is keemstar.

    • @Niki Bronson If you wanna know, I ve been in this platform for a lot longer, leafy s ban was unfair and everyone was upset because there were no warnings and it was completely out of nowhere, also the thing that a lot of people are upset about is that a lot worse youtubers that have done a lots worse than just making jokes behind this screen are still in the platform while ISchats does nothing, even if you don't like leafy s content you should understand that his ban was unfair and that deplatforming isn't correct in these situations. Also the fact that leafy has inspired all kinds of people and made a whole new community means something and that his content is really entertaining.

    • @Μαριος Σουλτατης I'm guessing you're like 12 or 14 because his silly videos about Pokemon with 15 videos with definitely qualified as a resident. Anyone with an objective brain could see that and I'm also guessing you're young because if you've been on this platform just five years ago you didn't know that ISchats was a completely different place. That's why so many people are getting canceled for old jokes that were perfectly acceptable at the time. Back in the day in New Jersey was one of the most subscribed ISchatsrs because what he did was widely okay until it's gradually not became okay and that's why H3 H3 penguinz0 whole bunch of you to reset that it's unlikely he would survive ISchats and today's setting. And whether you like the policy or not it's still the policy and he got banned and he brought that upon himself. He was very aware of what he was doing. You defending him he wouldn't he specifically tempted ISchats to ban him and his own videos and begged for reinstatement online after already receiving warnings and strikes says a lot more about you than it does about Leafy

    • @Niki Bronson as I said, the policy is SHIT, it supposed to be family friendly, if ISchats had that problem he would have been banned ages ago, so that wasn't a problem, also, he wasn't even cyberbullying all that much after he returned, just doing silly vids about pokimame

    • @Μαριος Σουλτατης Ok...either way he violated said policy and tempted them...he even said it ij a video....and he brought the ban upon himself.

  • did he say Slender McGangnum Style???

  • The little shit uses the age of others as a critique of their immaturity, and yet he sees it fit to hide behind his own age when he himself also behaves immaturely...despite 20 years being considered an "adult." Apparently, there are gradient shades of adults.

  • I mean even though leafy is gone he still got the bag, respect and hundreds and hundreds offers from places like spotify and storyfire. (R.i.p youtube career tho)

    • @wop i dunno where storyfire is going and i have high hopes for spotify. He also has twitch

    • Storyfire is gonna die in like a year and I honestly cant see Leafy making a Spotify podcast

  • weird that he makes his 'triumphant' comeback and then gets axed afterwards. kinda funny too. Ian has embraced the meme and Calvin is still salty and now gone for good. even if/when he goes somewhere else he'll never have it like he did on yt.

    • It's genuinely astounding that Calvin doesn't get the joke after almost 4 years In that time he left, came back, stayed, and died again And now that his channel matches his chin He still doesn't even know it's a joke

  • *Terminated*

  • hairline

  • hairline

  • Claim your "here because of the termination of leafy" ticket here

  • Кто от ЮЧ?

  • He came He conquered He terminated

  • ja rule

  • I don't know man. I think u both r good. U made fair points snd roasted him well but he too kinda got u man. I liked his roast of u as well.

    • @Vijay Adhikari it doesn't matter Idubbbz* came out on top and recovered from the special snowflakes trying to cancel him a month after And his roast got to leafy's head And leafy proved that idubbbz lives in his head rent free Idubbbz won And leafy was trying to win a 3 year old beef that he already lost

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy Yes, but look at it now. idubzz has been declared simp. He is losing subs. Leafy came back and got banned and has summed up quite a clout for himself.

    • Well one roast worked and went on to forever be the main feature of his face proving everything said of him was right And one failed miserably and resulted in idubbbz being praised and forever seen as a comedic genius You decide who won

  • I swear if I see another person saying simp I’m gonna stab myself in the esophagus The meme is dead. Just stop

  • Leafy: what do you have aids or some shit idubbbz: I’m so proud

  • Wait they un ban this video talking crap about a ISchats when leafy talks crap and gets banned that is not right

    • holiday fartcruise wtf did you not see pake jaul comment and tell me your insta account let me do you there

    • @holiday fartcruise did you read pake jauls comment? Or just look at the CC playlist

    • @Ameer Olimat ya and you are most likely a rice gum in real life closed minded as fuck and is so full of him self that he acts like a fucking tumor on this platform so please give a "good point" and do what idubbbz would do PLEASE TRY TO FUCKING COME AT ME. good luck coming up with a good point

    • Oh my god it’s jaky paul he talked to me 😂😂

    • No the original video is still banned what are you talking about lol

  • Hey thats sive 3 years ago

  • This is still on youtube but leafy talking about stocks? This is the same guy who said nigga faggot.

    • @Pake Jaul bullies autistic kids.... Another bullshit I hear today from another mf

    • @NO LIVES MATTER keep defending yourself is not . You are not a better person by doing all of this . You are not you are just a simple piece of shit that's all lol

    • @NO LIVES MATTER you are no better than me kid You are trying to be edgy get the fuck out lol . You are funny you are hurt is laughable

    • @NO LIVES MATTER take the L ? What are you 16 ? 17 ? Little kid you made my day . Ima hack all your account watch ( ;

    • @NO LIVES MATTER dude you still at it ? Lol I got you good for you to need to still reply . Nope you are a racist and everyone can see you are trying to joke around with life black matter in so clever way with your name. Shut the fuck up homesexual with the dragon ball profile pictures lol

  • Ive always said that leafy's rants and voice have always been obnoxious with no point in them at all for years. The fact that he was gone for 2 years and came back only when everyone was calling Ian a simp proves he got destroyed. Leafy ain't no "ISchats legend". Your favorite Martian, Tourette's dad, and 2009 Smosh were ISchats legends. If leafy was "your childhood" then u had a shitty childhood.

    • I like leafy but he wasn't my childhood

  • Idubzz u cant talk shit ur a simp

    • I hope you get to grow up man

    • @NO LIVES MATTER that's what I thought clown stfu

    • @NO LIVES MATTER if I'm wrong explained clown

    • @Pake Jaul stfu at this point you're just pulling stuff out of your ass coming from a guy that doesn't even know what a homebody is

    • @Christian Edwards he isnt gonna fuck you bro

  • We finally made it RIP leafy 2020 its a good year guys

  • I hated when this came out back then bc I watched leafy and idubbz

  • Someone's mad

    • @NO LIVES MATTER do you have proof sit the fuck kid you can clearly see at the top of are comments I said mini Ladd doesn't deserve a platform so how am I supposed in him

    • @NO LIVES MATTER I mean you're the one who is salty making lies about me because you were so mad stfu with your pathetic excuse

    • @NO LIVES MATTER you call me a clown but the fact is you are so salty you made lies about me you said I supported mini Ladd you can clearly see at the top of our comments I said mini Ladd doesn't deserve a platform know your place clown lmfao😆😆😂 being that upset to make lies about me just for y'all to know we were in a different comment section stay mad kid

    • @Christian Edwards that's because we made Sevrel at a time

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy this whole David Matthews remind me of me and you the AIDS we created I can say for myself it took them a year to get 500 comments it took us a month lmfao

  • That's very bold of you ISchats to recommend me this

  • Leafy’s channel is gone Idubbz: “I won”

    • LeafyWasHere lol.

    • @MrDgf97 It is not good for youtube. Leafy is gone now next could be idubbbz or any of your edgy creators.

    • @Filthy Trash But it was worthless shit content. I don't think anyone but Keem and Leafy simps care about this

    • That doesn't mean IDubbbz won you fuckin idiot. It means ISchats will indiscriminately ban anybody without strikes. It's always retards that pretend the guidelines on youtube are "fair" meanwhile every content creator has spoken out about being fucked over at some point or another. But it's okay until it's someone you like, right? Fucking mouthbreathers

    • I don't think idubbbz will celebrate this. He does not like censorship and he is a great beleiver in freedom of speech. The thing is youtube is trying to become kids friendly

  • Leafy came back thought he can stay got fucked up the ass by youtube, thank you youtube only this time I will be thanking you

    • @NO LIVES MATTER and doing it without warning was a lot worse and unfair. They didn't ban his videos all for one reason as that should happen, they did it each for a different reason which is wrong and stupid. You should watch penguinzo s video about his ban, he is a lot neutral and explainsel everything a lot better

    • @NO LIVES MATTER his content was a lot less violating the terms, if they wanted to terminate him they would just do it on his old videos long ago.

    • @NO LIVES MATTER deserved".no, it was rather unfair. Imagine idubbz getting banned for no fuck reason. I bet that you would be happy

    • @NO LIVES MATTER while other fucking channels with worse content that his still exist

    • @حاكم بن حكمان بعير خلف الشلاحي better place.... Shit hole you mean

  • 🦀🦀🦀Ugly chin is gone🦀🦀🦀