what's in the box? #1

Birt 26 okt 2016
Thanks for watching kids :)
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  • Why was this in my recommendations it’s 2020

  • .

  • eating while watching this vide maybe wasn't a good idea

  • this is what bad unboxing fanmail did to this man

  • TV: turns on (its set to CH 069) Me: nice

  • This video made me depressed

  • Whats the music Ian used in the beginning? Its pretty good

  • I just wanna know whats in the rest of them cmon man

  • Just in case you were curious, the Chinese text actually said: "let me lick your [female genitalia], Mommy."

  • Edups sounds like he's been hitting the bottle here lmao

  • Is it just me or is idubbz real life rick

  • 0:19 what the hell happened to your thumb

  • I love this series

  • i love how he's in a basement. it gives off the "insane" feel.

  • This series reminds me of crash box

  • so from what i've seen, iDubbbz is dyslexic

  • i fucking loved this series

  • Dude has a spider scrodum on his lip

  • “I love What’s in the Box” - Dayron Arias

  • What is this pee wees playhouse

  • Post

  • his shirt pulls it all together

  • This is like when the joker hijacks the TV airwaves.

  • This was when I thought Idubbbz was going to become a serial killer.

  • Still waiting for the next episode :(

  • Please bring this back. This is your best work. This and the documentarys are my favorite videos.

  • Bad Unboxing: - Screaming - Clickbaity - Childish - Cringy - Terrible jump cuts - Static shot what's in the box? - Professional - Mysterious - Classy - High production - idubbbz actually losing his mind

    • @iSharkyShark I like bad unboxing but this series at least had production behind, the comment is hyperbolic but I really wish he'd bring back this series

    • Don't do my boy Bad Unboxing like that, you fuck.

  • *I want more this*

  • I miss his videos like these. I'm tired of squirrels...

    • He doesn't do these vids either mate..

  • This is the worst series ever created 😂

  • DO MORE !!!!!!!!!!! EAT MORE BUGS F#%&OT

  • Bring back what's in the box

  • I liked what's in the box

  • I'm leaving this here someone remind me about this later on plz :) 5:31

  • Please make episode 3

  • >is Taiwanese boy >plays Vietnamese music

  • “It’s like an advent calendar for retards”

  • I liked the intro

  • Fuck it. Bad unboxing requiem

  • 4:53 notice how the bag said "trial mix"?

  • And he became the riddler soon after

  • Sucks that this didn’t take off

  • Please bring this back.

  • Just noticed the "Jungle Trail Mix" actually says "Trial Mix"

  • Whats with your thumb jeeez

  • Reminds me of Riddler in an episode of Gotham. Take your meds Ian!

  • *gags* mmmmmmm *gags* mmmmmmmMmMM

  • WHAT? We Taiwanese never eat bugs wtf.

  • *cronch*

  • *"Impressive... Most impressive!."*

  • whos watching this in quarantine? owo

  • This feels like a fuckin fever dream and i love it

  • why you gotta be such an insecure pussy, fuck the people who didnt like this seire, it was so good

  • Forget Bruno Powroznik, this is the most bizarre video on youtube.

  • Bring this series back

  • Yum

  • Bruh.

  • When you’re a small youtuber that dedicates his channel to memes but nobody notices

  • i love how Ian absolutely hates this and i love the shit out of it.

  • that's a bitch bug

  • When the tv first gets switched on its on channel 69.

  • this vid is all about corona

  • If you watch enough ISchats you can watch creators become insane. As well as yourself.

  • Interdimensional cable be like:

  • When's the next one bro

  • I loved this series

  • Jungle *_trial_* mix

  • still waiting for part 3

  • Anyone find this by pyrocynicals ninja box video

  • 2020??

  • What is the intro song called

    • have either of you fuckers found it yet

    • $20 says Ian composed it himself.

  • happy misogyny may

  • Deleted resident evil scene

  • Deleted resident evil scene

  • Where's number #2? Some one Twitter idubbz

  • How was this three years ago.Feels like literally a week ago.

  • Song please

  • Better than I expected

  • I refuse to believe this was 3 years agi

  • does anyone else watch these during lunch?

  • This looks like a crack house

  • This gives me such negative ASMR

  • mom?

  • Idubbbz is an absolute soldier in This vid

  • cida cring

  • unbox toys

  • That’s a very stylish shirt

  • The intro to this video has the most psycho flick vibe to it I've ever seen.

  • That bug is a toe biter

  • if you pause at 6:53 you can see Ian's i just ate a fucking tarantula and regret everything that led up to this point in my life face. bless this man

  • There’s should be a new series called what’s in the jar

  • Okay okay okay OKAY i just wanna jump off the counter and say im GAY

  • Wait are those real?

  • That was painful to watch.

  • Corona

  • :(

  • simp

    • Œuf Productions Fuck off

  • Bring it back baby

  • I come back to this video most times just for the intro LOL

  • why is he doing this in a crack den