Can you pay for a better meme?

Birt 10 okt 2019
In this video i pay strangers to make funny pictures(AKA MEMES). I got less than i bargained for..somehow. I think the next experiment should be something specific. These guys need something to work off of.....
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  • Is my moist dude turning into a Jynx Reloaded but a molester version of him

  • Worst video so far?

  • are you telling me i could get paid for adding some almost funny text over a meme template

  • 26,95

  • This is strongarm robbery.

  • 😰

  • 6:44 the face what ian makes when he sees a jar, and a doll

  • When he popped out the straws, I thought he was gonna drink the water.

  • you should get a pop art picture of your new dog from the fiverr gal

  • I thought his shirt was dirty with flour or baby powder. Guess Im used to the old dirty raw idubbbz. 🙃

    • his shirt was dirty cause he threw flour onto himself at the beginning of the video haha

  • 1:30

  • Well technically she did do something cringy.

  • 10:54I’m watching this on 9/11

  • 11:11 me waiting for quarantine to end

  • One of the greatest mysteries of my life now will be me always wondering...what was inside steve?

  • is this a fucking reaction video

  • You paid a WOMAN for COMEDY?

  • how much com jar

  • Can't wait for autistic steve to be destroyed

  • I've only now started to question What is Ian's fucked accent supposed to be

  • What if the pie had a fruit based swastika at the bottom that showed up on her face when she pulled it away

  • “Helo effreywone, I am batch” had me dying

  • The stoned guy with the marijuanas is the best ahahah

  • idk what's worst, paying for porn or paying for memes

  • I guess you could say she got cream pied

  • I thought he was eating a straw made of sand.

  • Cream pie joke

  • Problem: do stupid people watch iDubbbz videos?

  • Memes are shit

  • I stopped the video at 0:03 just to ask: is it just me or is that creeper intentionally looking like a dick? There's probably something off about his proportions, cause I never see a dick looking at a creeper. Or have them always looked dicky-ish?

  • Can't tell anymore if your sarcastically mixing all the worst channel gimmicks. Or mixing in gimmicks because you know its youtubes algos and you need content to blast later.

  • That is an insane amount of plastic to add to a micro habitat. Think of the nematodes!

  • Tbf the last one didn't have much to go off of, but he managed it pretty well.

  • Pause on jar for pentagram.

  • epic cringe moment

  • Well imma make memes on fiver from now on

  • We need content cop, Ian.

  • The cum jar made me laugh

  • What have you done with his kids

  • this video is shit, i appreciate it

  • Holy shit i need to do business on there, these people are meme, joke & fun retarded charging 10-40 dollars???

  • ian is oddly charming ?? idk man it’s cute

  • At 5:44 that fake laugh

  • Not joking but did you actually have cancer

  • make content cop

  • I like it when ian laughs

  • Ironically funny things are more funny than things trying to be funny

  • Well that last video was cringey so I guess he did get what he asked for

  • you can see the pain in his eyes as he realizes he paid 100 dollars for a couple shitty memes

  • 10:10 you must consider the context of what your giving this man or woman to work with for making this meme, the dog is multicolored how does someone make that a meme? The sheer effort this person but in is astonishing, im surprised they were actually able to pull through and provide you a meme for this multicolored drawing of an small animal.

  • women are not funny

  • which subreddit is this

  • Not at all

  • the caption for the dog one shoulda read "when you ask someone on fiver to make you a meme"

  • ... people in merica will buy horse shit in bag. 50$ for meme... common. I make better jokes out of my head on spot.

  • Where is Pink guyy

  • Remember when idubzz didnt look like a middle age dad trying to get in touch with the internet


  • 11:10 if you put all your attention to this three seconds, You will see that Ian is SANS!!!

  • Ian: Big props to Mark Zuckerberg. Wait wuh...???

  • We need a straw jar update.

  • U r a meme

  • why cant you make good content anymore

  • "I'm gonna be remembered for this" gets me every time

  • simp

  • Simp

  • the last garfield meme tho

  • The Mario voice brings back very good memories

  • idubbbz laughs only cuz he is tryna convince himself that he didnt spend his money for no reason

  • Idubbbs is trash now😔

    • Then leave ! What's the point in coming on here to complain? Just want to waste your time? Okay.

  • Ian... why are you so goddamn sweaty

  • The real question is, can you pay for a better gf? I know I can.

  • still hasn’t reached 440000

  • Wait....we don't have to like the same things?

  • Ian the alien, interdimensional TV host

  • The Garfield bit where he trolls, twitter want him to take it down, and not delete it themselves. Pretty lame on Twitter's end.

  • Why is macintosh playing during dead and shoulders?

  • Ian how do you know what memes made by aliens look like

  • *A S S L E A N*

  • Those were all horrendous

  • You seem that you have run out of ideas making your content shitty

  • ay am going to that web site and create ay account that they send any picture and ay make it in to ay cursed meme

  • My brother does Naruto run

  • Simp

  • But the. At the last second I let go and crush his little bonea

  • So basically any of us can make money on fiver!....

  • Pretty trash memes

  • I thought he said in current vid that ''OUR GF slit does not have fireworks coming out of it! LOL

  • Can I pay for some more only fans content?

  • 2:13 I thought that was jonah from David dobrik

  • The last guy, being a comedy writer, is absolutely disappointing.

  • *asterisk*

  • Can i pay for a better onlyfans?

  • No, but you can certainly pay for better nudes than Anisa's on her OnlyFans. I mean Gees, people gotta be really desperate to leave the good ass free shit. Smh.

  • the dawg wins

  • You look like Tosh.O

  • After i watch the hair cake i thought youre bald now

  • This mans really spent $100 on memes from google images

  • Man he looks so much better without the moustache and bald head

  • CxUxCxK