Crystal Wash Balls - Where are they NOW?

Birt 4 maí 2017
Do you guys remember these silly washing balls? They raised a lot of money on kickstarter and people continue to buy them, despite multiple tests and reviews showing that the claims made about the crystal wash balls are largely exaggerated or completely falsified.
I've been stocking up products and ideas for future kickstarter (where are they now) episodes, I hope that I can start pushing them out faster.
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  • I love how he cringes at his own content

  • Ngl you look like the ice cream man

  • I put them up my bum.

  • yo i'm not a scientist, so i was gonna ask, did you use poop on the walls? again, i'm no scientist, just an irregular normal guy

  • Jesus I just keep watching him keep knocking his computer off the desk

  • I love that when he dropped his monitor it flashed

  • When your monitors felt in the floor i almost had a hearth attack

  • pretty sure I got the same desk

  • I. Just want crystal meth please

  • Why was Ian wearing a civil war uniform

  • I miss this series

  • Edup is your computer ok and alright??????????

  • Two words: *BILLY MAYS*

  • You don’t need to be a scientist for non scientific products, so don’t worry about it

  • 10:16 me and the boys after quarantine is over

  • I'm in love with Assassippi

  • Screen broke on monitor

  • I bet those cunts (the ones complaining about Wikipedia) never use it... Suuuure

  • Who’s watching this when idubbbz is bad

  • What a intro

  • We really took advantage of pre simp idubbz 🙁

  • So get this a man has drunk fuckin toxic water for a few days and that

  • 5:05 It's not better than my water idubbbz. Stop lyin. Why you always lyin

  • Out of the interest of science, detergent raises the pH of water on average to 10.5.


  • So stupid. Bioceramics just refers to any material that are biocompatible. They don't have any cleaning properties.

  • Who needs crystal wash balls when you could steal the bin at a toy drive and dump it in your washing machine

  • My balls dropped when the 2 monitors dropped

  • the beginning got me laughing

  • Average kickstarters: Normal Top-tier fancy Kickstarters: Literally all scams

  • my jaw is still dropped from the beginning..........WTF like i would pause and fix it my anxiety cant take this ahh

  • White people be like: kickstarter

  • well... moms love balls. thats all i get from the video.

  • You dumbass, how clumsy are you?😂😂😂

  • Well.....that intro was....unexpected

  • Idubbbz reviews edupz

  • Never laughed so hard

  • Every thing broke I think?

  • Nice toes bro... Juicy.

  • That ending was amazing

  • 8:05 so basically, if I buy those balls, I can get a fuck ton of milfs.

  • wtf is up with the medal?

  • My teachers always throw shit at Wikipedia

  • The screen knows how it feels like being not loved.

  • Please tell me he is about to say he drank laundry water

  • Simp aha hahaha

  • 0:03 man I'm all ready dieing from lafter

  • When your gf neglected them again, you should remind her. "Crystaaaal" "Wash balls!!!"

  • What washing machine moves that slow lad

  • Nobody like white balls

  • I need his wallpaper asap

  • I don’t know if anyone else got it or if this is the intention but when he did that cleaning test he used the crystal balls and their balls And they turned the fabric blue there for blue balls

  • I put my balls into the washing machine and it was not good. They were very red and it still hurts.

  • Play intro was the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • I like how whenever iDubbbz watches a video of himself he just makes that did I really fucking do that face

  • This video is one large Surreal meme post

  • dab if gay x2

  • Through out the video I could never tell if he is making a joke or just saying balls

  • Idubbbz related to Cherdyles ? At least is haircut looks to be .

  • 🏳️‍🌈

  • Peta is happy

  • I was terrified at the beginning when his dual monitors just fell hard to the ground

  • "How to by proxy rub your eyes on your ass."

  • How did this video survive demonstration?

  • I see all these people getting thousands of dollars to sell a product that isn’t guaranteed to work but I can’t even get a twenty dollar game by asking for it cause I’m a poor bitch

  • Golem hungry for crap 💩

  • I forgot if I commented this but, your experiment was actually pretty good. The variables would be the same thing as in a washing machine, a standard washing machine uses the same water your sink uses along with the toilet and shower; if your washing machine does use distilled water, you would just be lying. Along with another flaw in your experiment on using litmus paper for the ph test, if you couldn't tell the difference between them on litmus paper, chances are even if the ph changed slightly it would still be very close if not the same to the original, thus the effects of the so called "Hydrogen Peroxide effect" would be minimal to none.

  • iDubbbz looking like every hentai protagonist ever in this saga

  • wow i didn't now some people still call there wives laundry machines

  • I have 2 balls to, bro

  • Jesus FUCKING Christ

  • back when you werent simpin were good times.

  • Why aren't you having merch man Ian

  • Guys it’s like kickstarter crap but it’s where the crap is now

    • @TeamJella rice

    • @Nathan J፬SEPHI KRAK፬WSKI the sky is blue OMG Stating the obvious is so funny isn't it? If he really isn't a brain dead black skin like he appears to be then good for him, but it's not much of a joke when you're just saying "guys this kickstarter crap video is about some kickstarter crap." Also if you're going to say whoosh at least spell it right.

    • @TeamJella waooush

    • No shit? That was the whole point of this series.

  • Wife: gets pregnant Me:that part wasn't supposed to happen

  • Breastfed babies' poop is water soluble :) Not sure about breastfed adults, despite being a scientist

  • Dubz: throws noise canceling foam and completely destroys his setup while performing a jump to the chair

  • “ a lot of us don’t have to sanitize our clothes “ You would be surprised

  • 10:28 Onision?

  • Simp

  • Dumb fuck

  • 7:57 okay but like thats hot

  • This guy is epic.

  • I thought that "crystal wash" was something for the dishes.

  • edupps, dont u mean "Wikipedia the free encyclopedia."

  • He just threw the rare pokemons cards in the washing machine

  • That's maybe his best intro

  • if you wanna put ions and shit in your laundry why not sell the sand from the chernobyl exclusion zone it would be doing actual work and sell like hot cakes

  • So handsome in this vid

  • You look like Eddie heisenberg

  • i dunno but shouldnt washing products that taste like soap raise the pH levels? i mean, thats literally what soap is for

  • I thought u were really hot in the part that u were searching for something in the fridge. Just sayin.

  • Interesting. Surprised the bobber and shuttlecock didn’t do a better job.

  • pleeez unfollow this piece of shit.

  • SO. How fucked up were those monitors?

  • make a bomb and I'll consider you a scientist

  • People are actually doing a favor for the environment buying these bullshit balls instead of buying toxic chemicals assuming they use them more than once.

  • They look like some sorta dark side galaxy blaster thingy from star wars

  • 1:52 sounds like he’s eating in minecraft

  • Fucking carbon is great for a fish tank and the bacteria fish release. That's why only three died. Having fish in the water makes the "wash" balls have a chemical reactive purpose.