Birt 21 jún 2016
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
What sort of foods have you found before?
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Chee Zee Jungle - Primal Drive by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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  • This video marks the peek of ISchats

  • That's a beautiful pickle he found.

  • How is he not dead

  • How is he not dead

  • I bet this man could drink toilet water and not get a dieses

  • This is genius, right here.

  • How is he not dead yet

  • this dude is mad omg

  • idk why this was on my recommendations i havent watched idubbbz in like 4 months lmao

  • we love to see it

  • Lmao all those people using spray paint in the confines of a storm drain

  • ?

  • I like that you can hear the cameraman holding back laughter.

  • *SlendiDubbbz* *Demo*

  • I thought i was stupid

  • I want a pickle now

  • I want someone to rise up and remake this wonderful content in 2020

  • The vid that got me into idubbz

  • Brutally mangles pickles “We are so blessed!”

  • Dont do drugs

  • Just yes

  • the more civilized times

  • The funny thing is idubbbz is allergic to pickle juice

  • What the fawk😀

  • Lol he could not handle radioactive pickles so he picked the sewer pickles

  • The amount of diseases he could have contracted from crawling through that water is ridiculous 😂😂😂

  • I remember watching this when I was so much younger lmfao holy shit

  • I want to be Idubbz's cameraman

  • where is this sewer

  • Why are you making me feel old

  • 5:35 a meme was born

  • No doubt the best times on ISchats

  • 0:55 you can hear the camera man try to hold back his laughter

  • 1:27 theres a fricken swastika lol

    • @guy nobody fucking cares


  • Yes

  • "And then he turned himself into a pickle, funniest shit I've ever seen"

  • i miss these days

  • Wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Don't you miss this guy before he was pre-simp

    • Yeah

  • 5:36

    • thats my favorite part lol

  • 1:28 Nazi Symbol DEMONITIZED

    • swastika

  • Rip idab

  • the only thing I can think of is T E T N I S

  • How r u not dieing of a deadly diseas

    • @Elitedevil ik but how after eating in a sewer lol

  • I never thought I would see a grown man crawl through a sewer in his underwear to eat pickles

  • When I googled Ted Bear why did this pop up?

  • That is pretty gay

  • ISchats will never be great again idubbz is slowly getting done with videos filthy frank is out now everybody is offended i will make ISchats great again i will be the next idubbz

  • They still say that Rhodesian Ridgeback is still out there......

  • You have to be a dedicated man to swim in piss water for a video

  • When idubbzs ate that pickle I realized he now needed a tetanus shot

  • Nice channel! Keep up the good work. If you have a second you could flick over to my food reviews 🤩🤙

  • Yes yes this is the smartest man on ISchats

  • Rodesian ridgeback- yea that’s definitely a type of pickle

  • Rhodesians never die

  • 5:16 you can hear cameraman's sound

  • Yeah he said “hop on kids” instead of follow me kids

  • Shity stuff right there

  • Wonderful

  • Are you sure that third leg was a pickle and not something else?

  • he swam in shit water

  • How are you alive?

  • He looks like he just murdered someone

  • Imagine sitting on the toilet and you hear “I’m going to have to go 2/10 for texture and an astounding 11/10 for taste”

  • 0:51 “id say its uuhhh couple months old.” Proceeds to eat the couple month pickle

  • Props to Idubbbz, I would never be able to go crawling around in shit water

  • IT chapter 3

  • When Idubbbz gets Corona despite his amazing immune system, thats when all hope is lost

  • First

  • This is how the coronavirus started.

  • ‘Yeah this is right where we need to be’ Swastika on the wall

  • Till it's cool just cool then into the mouth hwervjrbi 5:35 noice

  • When he found the celery I looked close and saw some crap. HE PUT HIS HAND IN A SHIT PIPE!

  • Miss this kind of youtube :(

  • Ian be like “ what shit water “

  • He swam in shit water for a VIDEO HOLY SHIT

  • Call an ambulance he may die. Nonono hes already dead.

  • Disgusting.

  • welp its better than nicocado Avocado

  • nobody my sister: He MuSt SmElL gOoD

  • i found some appels and a gingerbread

  • he clearly likes it!

  • Who walks in a sewer to eat pickles by the way love your vids

  • I could see him and IT jus' vibing together down there eating pickles and children nuggets.

  • Top ten people that could defeat pennywise

  • "Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart " Idubbbz:

  • 8:13 help me

  • 5:35 6:12

  • that's no pickle that's a poopkle

  • Oh god I hope this is fake

  • Idubbz, Maxmoefoe, How to basic and FlithyFrank are the four horsemen of the internet

  • Watching this as I eat cheezits during the cheezits part

  • The fact that he had the balls to eat that blows my mind

  • only i dubbz

  • 3:38 does he realise that is shit water

  • Hes probably walking through piss right here 3:33

  • Hey N.F. make another food review or elce

  • No not pickle rick!

  • I love that echo. It’s sick.

  • 1:26 a nice welcome sign