FAN EDIT - by TrashDubbz

Birt 9 des 2016
Leave Britney alone.
Been working on a few vids, some content cops, and some new series. In the mean time, I hope this can help tide you over.
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  • Who would’ve known this gay trend would get 100x worse on Twitter.

  • i see what you fucking did there 5:34

  • 2:14 leaving this timestamp for myself and anyone else who wants to use this audio as a meme

  • Oh iDubbbz complains

  • Cereal killer 1 was fire AF

  • 2:13 finally found it

  • Don’t mind me, I’m just for 2:12 moment

  • 2:10 for you tiktok fuckers

  • sesh

  • pizza face and cody from codys lab

  • John mulaney???

  • the best idubbbz video

  • Pizza face

  • 4:20 Columbine 5:01 WSHH

  • zoom in zoom out next slide is for gay

  • 2:06 100% true lol

  • 2:15 same.

  • What song is this at 1:28

  • hehe pizza

  • Pizza face

  • Pizza face

  • Gay fan boys ruin these channels for me

  • 5:46 the transitions made me wanna cry

  • ecaf azzip *cough cough* I mean face pizza

  • He really looked like a dad now

  • Cut to Ian in the future with a mustache

  • 26.95

  • Can i have $10

  • Pizza face

  • You remind me soooo much of my friend

  • 4:20 - the columbine edit 4/20/99 - the date of columbine 4/20 - Hitler’s birthday hmmmmm...

  • Now people are making edits of north koreas dictators sister

  • He already had a beard back in 2016?

  • Y’all remember overgrowth?

  • I know people that make there own fan edits of them selves sad

  • why didn’t he do a hitler mustache

  • Listen kids...

  • wtf pizza face.

  • Pizza Face.

  • This is introducing powerful enhancement to my life in 2020.

  • What is that song called where it’s goes far box fat titty box or some shit like that😂😭

  • Thanks for introducing me to left boy


  • Okay

  • Stop

  • Pizza Cody haha

  • I was part of the cancer crew vine edit community and I miss it haha. I still remember the user names of a lot of the big ones. We definitely deserve to be memes on though don’t get me wrong


  • Idubbze xdddddd

  • Oh...Eric harris and Hitler in one video. Eric liked Hitler qwq

  • Pizza face

  • Where's the original Hitler fan edit

  • wait.. should the columbine meme be in serial killers bc they kinda are

  • yes

  • pizza face

  • The columbine fan edit starts at 4:20

  • This video is how I discovered my favorite band, I'm not sure if I love or hate that fact ( 2:00 )

  • Pizza face cody

  • What is the name of the song during the “hitler fan edit”?

  • I fuck wit the $uicide bois

  • 5:21 anyone know what song he used

  • Suicide boys noice!

  • Cody pizza

  • "HOOOOOOOOO! You bite the peach, the peach bites back" "MGNHMNGMHNGAGEMRESTRICTEDHNGMNHMGNHMNGHMNH" -iDubbbzTV 2016

  • Lmao I love the clip of Cyr in the serial killer bit.

  • I now have sexual feelings for Hitler.

  • 5:23 aileen wuornos,,,

  • What is the brand of that shirt? I actually like it

  • Keep burping like that puke will come up with it one of these days.....and I expect to not have the footage edited out🤞🤞🤞👍

  • Lol pizza face

  • Pizza face Cody's lab

  • Pizza face bitch

  • Pizza face :)

  • why is this age restricted

  • 5:23 is that a CYRial killer??

  • Cyr is my favourite serial killer.

  • We burped at the same time are you my dad now

  • the columbine edit starts at 4:20. ugh so perfect.

    • It’s 420 the columbine shooting day and hitlers Birthday

    • Purely gay

    • Kellin xx I wonder if that was purely coincidental xD

  • 2:24 lmao what "I thought these ViDeOs- "

  • hitler did have access to this technology u ever heard of a little movie called triump of the will

  • we need more how2basic and vsauce michael edits haha

  • 4:20 No really, 4:20!

  • idubbbz fantasized serial killers before it was cool

  • Pizza face

  • I came back to this wondering just why it got age restricted. I didn't have much memory of The 4 last edits.

  • Pizza face

  • Pizza face from cody SLAB

  • Did anyone else have a hard time finding the video?

    • YES! I swear this was for a short time put as "unlisted" and I had searched it up multiple times and could not find it.

  • iM GAY!

  • I’m going to hell for laughing at that Columbine meme

  • Only here for Columbine

  • was Eric’s medication one further element in the columbine tragedy .

  • Just got here from Habits (stay high) 😆 this is funny

  • 4:20

  • He hinted the Asian Jake Paul content cop.

  • Me: clocks on video YT: cOnFirm YoouRr agggE Me: that's gay but whatever, what could possibly make you tube want to put this on here? Me:watches 5:47 Me: OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH...fuck

  • Why did Ian holding a knife make me feel things...

  • He reminds of rick from rick and morty

  • TeamSesh

  • Pizza face