Ice Cream Man

Birt 21 júl 2020
Smoothie Madness Full Ep:
Ice Cream Man book (by Dax Flame):
Nick Lutsko (Outro Song):
Brett Benowitz: brettbenowitz
@Uncle Dane - cameraman and editor
@SoundSmith - sound editing and Smoothie Madness theme
@Yahiamice - Smoothie Madness graphics
Ben Zimmer - 2nd cameraman and lore-apprentice ( bentozeee)
Huge thanks to:
@Smosh Pit - @Courtney Miller - @AnthonyPadilla - @TayZonday - @jacksfilms - @William Osman
Michael Aranda - Dax Flame Bo Burnham Interview
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This video is about Daxflame. He is known for his role in 21 Jump Street, Project X, and his ISchats channel. He has written and published two books. He’s an actor, writer, comedian, and a cool dude.


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  • He acts like Nathan for you but I think unironically

  • Man the onlyfans money must be rolling in if he's only making a video every other month.

  • Yo did idubbz die?

  • I hate humanity.

  • I think that this was good but I liked the airsoft fatty one better because we got more to know about his past. If you do another one again I think you should do one where you focus more on their opinion on things and how they feel about there lives while interviewing other people as well to give an insight on how they look at the person you choose to interview. I rate this a 8/10 keep up the good work.

  • July was 2 months ago?

    • Time flies

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    • You people are wrong. He is not a ISmip. Hes a raging IKuck. Its not wrong to be a IKuck. Its okay to be a IKuck. If you like other people objectifying the person you are supposee to share private love with for the sake of money or whatever, thats okay. The universe doesnt care. But i think you are an embarassment. And if you like being used and stepped on, great. Continue to dance for my amusement, youtuber Imonkee. You belong to us.

  • This documentary is amazing and I would definitely watch the smoothie game show. Brett and Dax are freaking amazing and I hope they both end up with great careers doing what they love.

  • When I was in college a couple years ago, this man Madison was couch surfing and my roommate hosted him at our house one night. He went on a walk by himself and did not return until very late after I was asleep. A very peculiar man...

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  • I don't judge and I don't think that what you've been "doing" should be frowned upon by anyone or belittled. We should rejoice in the joy of those who provide entertaining content for us and I enjoy your content. I hope you continue to make a presence on youtube. You are still valued as an entertainer among a lot of people. Not everyone has the same fucking tastes and we all need to acknowledge that. You're great, keep it up.


  • Hey you're not a simp come back bro

  • Pleaseeee papa upload more owo

    • He uploaded like at least every 2 months. So he's doing fine right now.

  • idubbz what happened bro. I remember you roasting leafy and doing bad unboxing. Now its just cringe. Please come back to us

  • brett is a friendly chad

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  • This is The story all about how A man Who had fame, Rode it out, and Now has no bloody Idea how to get it back, but is a good man regardless.

  • This is The story all about how A man Who had fame, Rode it out, and Now has no bloody Idea how to get it back, but is a good man regardless.

  • This man is the real life joker watch him good guy wronged by the system

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  • I'm sorry, Dax seems like a great kid and all, he says some funny shit sometimes but all in all this was a huge waste of time. Especially the entire 2nd half about the stupid smoothie show. Not to mention the akward af show itself. The absence of music or any sounds whatsoever besides the gross sounds he was making with his mouth, and the whispers. Like just Naaa... dude....

  • I’ve wondered for over a decade what daxflame was like in real life. This was such a pleasant surprise

  • Brett : smoothie contest ? nah son free smoothie

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  • I was crying at the end of the gameshow, the dude released the comedic tension. With his chunky smoothie.

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  • Ik here for uncle Dane.

  • if idubbbztv and tvfilthyfrank collaborated again, 2020 would be saved

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    • Imagine being using a word that doesnt fit this person

  • Everything about this man is interesting, even the most minute interactions give clear pictures of whats happening beneath the surface. Take the reassuring shoulder grab from Ian at 15:20 , we get to watch him process the response in real time. First he backs up a bit, unsure of what's happening, then there is a clear switch to "oh i understand this, this is a friendly interaction" and he goes to embrace him back. After he has already begun this response, you see him, in real time, realize "wait hold up thats not correct," and pull back again, just going along for the ride.

  • Love seeing this side of Ian. Dax seems like a lovely fella, I'm glad he felt in his element and expressed himself and it wasn't like he was being exploited for being odd. Top marks on this one Ian

  • He reminds me of John Pera

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  • Anybody remember Nathan Fielder? If they teamed up, they could rule the world

  • He seems like a genuinely sweet person it's awesome I want to meet him in person☺️

  • This entire video gave me anxiety

  • "Thanks for tuning in next week, We'll be back next week"

  • I feel like he's so close to being normal, like he just needs a little shake, or a bump on the top of the head.

    • Why would anyone be normal

  • So did he get fired?

  • 19:37 i love the transition from him talking about just being himself on the game show to "i was in 21 jump street"

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  • 29:50 the trees shake and bounce

  • What has happened to ian

  • This is more awkward than the dinner in the Office.

  • Wtf is lil dicky doing on a smoothie game show!

  • I have seen Brett in a movie and I cannot place it. I know I've seen it, though. Where the fuck have I seen Brett?! I swear to fucking god I have seen him somewhere. Edit: Figured it out. He's like 1 for 1 Lil Dicky. This man is Lil Dicky's clone. It's not even funny how much these two look alike.

  • This guy is a Nelson Baghetti (big head) from Silicon Valley

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  • HE LOOKS LIKE THE FUXKING JOKER AT 18:49 WITH OUT THE MAKEUP just his outfit and hair

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  • I never really noticed how tall he was

  • I'm really hoping this is a return to the high quality of other videos in the past, like the content cop series. Like, I really missed the quality content like this. Since Full Force, it just kinda seemed like you were trying to just fill up time or something. Just didn't feel like the same effort was being put into videos.

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  • "And you think you're charismatic?" I lol'd

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