fast food tier list (reupload - full)

Birt 25 apr 2019
I dont care. you know what. I dont care. See how many cares i give? zero. count them, backwards in your head. zero cares given.
leave a video response to this and you might be featured in the next tier list video. maybe i'll make a tier list of responses......
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  • Dairy Queen S tier It has grill and FUCKING CHILL

  • 6:23 seriously made me jump.

  • Taco Bell should be an S!!! Five Guys is good but too $$$

  • McDonald's is trash fight me

  • This list is shit.

  • Why was the first one taken down?? Can someone explain to me unbiased?

  • Dominoes and subway got disrespected tf out of

  • 6:23 legit jump scare lol

  • I Completely agree

  • The only difference on my list is five guys is at C and McDonalds is at S

  • arbys is amazing wdyn?

  • What I got from this video: Little Caesars does in fact outpizza the Hut

  • the only one on this list that I have in my town is Dome. (I'm being serious)

  • Put da in a tier it made the “i give you fire, you give me rock” meme

  • You guys suck for making him take out in n out because it’s “regional”, in n out is PERFECT and you’re missing out

  • Funnyman says 5 guys is s tier, I hit like. It's simple really

  • I think I’m the only person on the planet that likes subway

  • Micky dees is pretty good, but you never know what you're gonna find in your burger also you're sleeping on Subway, Sonic, DQ, and Arby's, they good as hell

  • 0:48 no fucking way! Explosions&Fire did it already!😂

  • Hahaha says chick fil a needs more salt on their fries😂😂😂

  • I don't have any of those in my town

  • Next time any of you come to Nebraska, get a Runza Cookie from any Runza that can be found anywhere in this state.

  • there is gusteaus

  • When 5 guys made S tier my level of faith in how accurate this tier list is skyrocketed

  • McDonald's. psh. more like McUrmomma

  • In-n-out not being S tier is heresy

    • @State of Wyoming just cause it’s regional doesn’t affect its quality

    • It’s regional so it gets a lower tier

  • Am i the only one who likes subway and dominoes?

  • “I have to go with my gut for dominos pizza” I’ll go with my gut f*cking diaherra

  • F you

  • Wtf

  • Subway is dead as fuck

    • I don't understand how my city with 40k population have 5 subways. They're always empty too.

  • Nailed it except in n out doesn’t deserve A tier

  • Taco bell is A because of Baja Blast alone.

  • I disagree with your opinion of Carl’s.jr

  • Arybys curly fires doe

  • Chipotle is S tier 100% guaranteed

  • Dq is S tier no joke

  • This tier list is going in S on my Tier list

  • col sanders is a slave owner?

  • Never even heard of this 'Five Guys" place, and don't have In N Out or Chick-fil-a around here. Also 90% sure you've got Burger King and McDonalds reversed. Burger King makes the *best* burgers around (Jack in the Box is second), and McDonalds doesn't have a single good item on the menu. They're disgusting. (Also Pizza Hut best pizza, frozen second best, Little Caesar's distant third because they use too much sauce and not enough cheese.)

    • Five Guys and In N Out are way better than Burger King.

  • Dominos is better than 5guys

    • @METRIK it's good if you put it in your fridge and then air fry it so it's not as greasy.

    • Domino's is disgusting.

  • this list is ass

  • Man actually put little caesars over t bell

  • Bro is tripping on Arby’s curly fries makes it atleast a c tier

  • Perish.

  • Colonel sanders was not alive during slavery he was a gas station owner in the early 1900s who had the idea to serve food at the gas station. People thought the food was so good that he dropped the gas station and was a full time restaurant owner. But when the highways were put in he wasnt getting as much business so he sold off the franchise to an investment firm but they kept and payed him to be the spokes person.

  • Five Guys Best Guys Five Guys Is A Good S Tier

  • This list is shit

    • It’s also his own opinion

  • I dont even have subway in my country

  • I just gotta say, anyone that has been to freebirds will tell you that a freebird burrito is just straight up better than a chipotle burrito, after eating at freebirds, chipotle is just a sad attempt at being anything edible, for some reason though, Freebirds World Burrito is only in Texas and Utah

    • @J Morrison only Texas and Utah, I'm very lucky I live in Texas

    • @Sam Tarnovsky no where are they?

    • @J Morrison have you ever been to freebirds? You'd be surprised at just how much better it is

    • Chipotle is unbeatable

  • Arby's number 1

  • First time I clicked and he talked shit about VSauce and now it's the last time I clicked. 👎🏽

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about that intro that shit was fire

  • Whoever made that cereal tier list u threw up is legit retarded

  • ik this is old af but chickfila b tier... its the best place up there.

  • Fast food is something that should have only 2 or 3 tiers

  • look i get arbys food almost sucks, but damn they got those buffalo chicken sandwiches and they are mmmmm

  • swap McDs with CFA and I ain't mad.

  • Okay. So I can say this about your tier list. Everything on this list looks like tier to me since I just ate. Except five guys I can eat some five guys right about now.

  • I was debating whether to keep watching after Chick-fil-A was in the B when it should be in the S. I stop watching once this man put dominos in the E tier.

  • In this video you are either completely right or completely wrong, your never medium lol

  • WHAT THE HELL CHICK FIL A IS LOWER THEN MCDONALDS!? THATS DOGSHIT and why the hell is popeyes not on there. Popeyes is god tier

  • CHUCKY CHEESE? You Lusk Succer

  • bull shit

  • Shout out to this video for giving me a reason not to end it all

  • Bruh as a Californian, in n out should have been the S tier

  • Didn’t watch yet dq better be s

    • The only good thing about it is the ice cream

    • Dairy queen has garbage food

    • U definitely haven’t had Dairy Queen

  • This is one of the worst tier lists I’ve ever seen. Good day sir

  • Put kfc below chickfila because he thought colonel Sanders owned slaves despite being born in 1890, and chickfila to this day is owned by homophobic pricks. I mean in terms of food tho, chickfila wins

    • @State of Wyoming I mean yeah its so fucking good. I just can't go there knowing this

    • Ok? I don’t care. Chick til a is the 2nd best fast food place around.

    • @Bruh Laser I'm talking about modern day kkk

    • Emmett Brown I dont see salvation army hanging lgbtq people from trees so dont try to pull that kkk stuff

    • @Bruh Laser bruh wtf do you mean. Its not like im even being crazy or unreasonable. They're legit donating to the Lgbtq equivalent of the KKK. You don't have the upper hand in this situation. So don't go saying "I'm not even going to respond to that" acting like im fucking insane. If a company donates to an anti lgbtq charity even when they know that they're anti lgbtq, that makes them anti-lgbtq. No idea what the hell you're even talking about

  • I haven't seen Sonic Employees on rollerskates in over 10 years

  • Arbys is my cat's favorite food, beef n cheddar. But she takes the nastiest watery shit the next day.

  • I really love edo Japan. Wok box is good to but it's expensive.

  • I think subway should be in e teir cause of the meatball sub all the other shit sucks but i think the meatballsub is pretty gud

  • I got a Burger King ad before watching this video

  • Ngl say what you will I think subway ain't that bad

  • dairy queen is the best fast food ice cream in existence. that puts it firmly in s tier


  • I like the whopper but I can agree its pig slop. Nun wrong wit dat

  • Wendys is at S tier

  • I work at subway, I make sandwiches.

  • Taco Bell is S tier past 11pm

  • Imagine thinking little caesars is better than papa johns and Pizza Hut

  • In N Out's Animal Fries are so fire tho

  • This shots horrible . Dairy Queen has the best ice cream, it’s primarily an ice cream fast food restaurant so you can’t put them in F for not having the best burger and can’t get DQ ice cream anywhere else... and the subway hate must stop , their sandwiches are delicious !

  • My boy tier zoo

  • Little ceasers is a lot worse than domino's

  • Wait, so pizza places count as fast food?

  • It tastes like cardboard

  • I find this video so wholesome

  • Only thing I would change is McDonald’s and it’s only because of the fries everything else is A tier

  • "There is not a single restaurant u can go to that would be like taco bell" Del taco: am i a joke to u

  • Little Cesars is actually Garbage like their pizza is so trash

  • Taco Bell is my favorite fast food

  • Taco Bell and jack in the box are LEGENDS

  • Taco time is better than Taco Bell and u can buy Baja blast at a 711

  • Dairy Queen makes the tastiest ice cream tho

  • I can make a good sammich and go to subway when im feeling a salad and bread

  • I gotta be honest, I like Arbys fries, pretty good

  • Ok so I've noticed that for some reason, americans seem to agree that burger king is pretty bad, but here in Australia we have "Hungry Jacks" which is the name of our burger king franchise here for some reason but I'm pretty sure most of us Aussies can agree that its really fkn good haha. So whats up with that? Does Burger King just suck in the US?

    • Burger King is epic

    • Aleks Vojnovic hi! Yeah so my step dad is from Sydney and I go down there to visit his family with him. The meat in Australia is kept much better and treated better than america, he taught me. It’s why KFC in Australia is MILES better than KFC in America!

  • subway sucks so i ordered an adult meal because i'm a fat ass but i didn't get a goddamn drink and the Mario and Luigi sounding dudes told me ohnononononononononononononononono you don't get drink