Regan / Bush '84 || Garbage Mail - Bad Unboxing

Birt 2 mar 2016
All you subs out there sent me some crazy, wacky prankz. u owned me hard. gosh darn, i hate gettin pranked vid after vid. More gay-cop, and kickstarter crude coming soon
*currently no po box*
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This is a video series where I unbox an item and review it. I unbox all sorts of cool stuff. Some examples include: food, toys, and subscription boxes. The gimmick is, I do a bad job. This isn’t an unboxing therapy channel, and I don’t unbox the latest tech gadgets. If I need a graphics card, I might unbox that.



  • 3:33 My mans look like a dolla store Kiba LMFAOOOO

  • 0:58 😂😂😂😂😂

  • E

  • Ian looks like Bella Thorne 3:46

  • Okay. I believe you.

  • You look sexy with that wig

  • Ayo it’s Kiba uchiha

  • This is the best unboxing video

  • do you guys like won ponch mon

  • Anyone else get the breaking bad reference

  • i do have an erectn

  • D.a.r.e Drugs are really entertaining

  • 4:00 blocks

  • 6:08 if I had a mouthful of water or something, I would have done a legit spit take the moment the screen flashed to this!!! Funny AF

  • 6:08

  • 2:39 I am pretty sure this is what we all came here for

  • That was just asbestos, powderized and colored red

  • Im conservative and i watch this

  • That idubs shirt is so hilarious to me

  • Quaffine vs idubbz

  • That damm cat in the back ground

  • I'm a conservative and I love idubbz lol

  • 2:53 subtle breaking bad reference

  • He parted the Red Sea 😂😂

  • Kawi to cancer

  • 🤣🤣🤣he just pulled that cleaver out of nowhere

  • 1:00 *call of the demons*

  • How long has he had that shirt?


  • 5:48

  • First.

  • The block gag got me, I don’t even know why.

  • sometimes i wonder Ian's stance on politics

  • edubz proof of being my father

  • I just watch 8 minutes of a man complaining about stuff that people sent him while he makes a huge mess

  • Cheecky Breaking Bad quote

  • That Breaking Bad Reference Tho

  • they say he is still looking for the guy who sent him 5 packs of wooden cubes in the mail to this very day

  • Karen when se sees random boys on the street 1:24

  • the fuck is that shit

  • How many time where you dropped as a child?

  • Reagan and bush Reagan and bush these are the words that grant me the cush


  • 1:26 Moses parts the Red Sea. Colorized.

  • 5:54

  • Nigga

  • 1:17 thats the stuff Robin got buried under in Batman Forever

  • 1:30 Was that a biblical reference?

  • *"Reagan and Bush Reagan and Bush these are the words that grant me the kush"*

  • Callback: Bloodsucking foolery. I loved the Kickstarter Crap Series. RIP

  • 5:54 Ian is still the only skinny white boi that can say the nword

  • The iPhone is expensive as hell

  • the Moses parting the red sea joke was so subtle

  • Speaking of Breaking Bad... That sand looks alot like red cocaine.


  • 1:00 when you die with 4 kills in rainbow six siege

  • What happened to the title? Regan vs Reagan

  • I like the shirt that looks like Friday the 13th pt 4

  • isnt blood sucking tomfoolery at 5:10ish a call back to quaffine?

  • 7:14 he made that shirt look pretty cool

  • ᑕOOᒪ ᐯIᗪᗴO ᗷᖇO

  • Aids

  • That breaking bad joke

  • Bitch

  • Can you please clean your lense

  • Sometimes idubbz scares me

  • I'm so happy for that random breaking bad reference

  • Ragen and Bush ragen and bush these are the words that grant me the kush

  • That's not even sand, what is that? Synthetic cancer?

  • The noise he makes at 1:00... Classy REEEEEEE

  • Ian with a wig looks like laura les and that's a complement

  • Marie, they’re minerals!

  • is it me or when he put on the blood on that shirt it made is look better

  • 1:00

  • he has a little six pack on his forhead

  • 2:28 Made me laugh so hard😂

  • 5:54

  • It’s really like his Brian just goes out the window sometimes

  • they should put itching powder in a package

  • what was the red synthetic cancer anyway?

  • I'm a 90s kid and I have no clue what the fuk that was about.

  • s y n t h e t i c c a n c e r

  • Is he really gay

  • If I sent this guy an expensive item worth hundreds he wouldn’t break it the postal service would Had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • The brand new poduct synthetic cancer

  • Reagan and Bush, Reagan and Bush, these are the words that will grant me the Kush😂😂😂

  • who else noticed the breaking bad reference

  • I constantly get anxiety watching this one because I think he’s gotten some of that synthetic sand into his bloodstream

  • We just gunna ignore the breaking bad reference?

  • My poop coming out of my butt was perfectly timed with you saying “helloooo everybody”

    • Bro u deserve more than six likes

  • Ayyy I got the breaking bad reference

  • Synthetic cancer “ Wow

  • New idubbbz sucks

  • I’m a conservative and I watch your shit

  • Anybody from 2020

  • Could put the crystal in a jar of mineral oil and it would have an interesting refraction effect.

  • How dose he get away of saying the n word

  • 1:25 parting the Red Sea

  • Man. I love that idubbbz can say the n-word and everybody is just ok with it. I don’t know how he did it. He must be magical or something