FAN MAIL Christmas Special - Bad Unboxing

Birt 25 des 2015
In this one I open some mail. This is gonna go in the crazy hits playlist. Thanks for watching. Leave a like, just as a meme. I hope I was able to open most of ur shit, It was a chore to fit it all in one vid. Next time there will be better gags.
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  • How do you get away with saying the n word it’s awesome lmao I love it

  • I miss him

  • Tell me why Ian looks like a cancer patient the whole video

  • I know he probably noticed but, they probably wanted him to stuff his hand into the box full of broken glass hoping he wouldn’t look in

  • Check out the video I’m gay it is a parody about the song I’m blue

  • 7:16 hahaha

  • Joy to the world Busting a nut

  • Each like fuels my ego more and more so please like my comment

  • m

  • You make a lot of people sad😐🙃

  • Coming back to this video in 2020 is so crazy, only idubbz can still be relevant today despite having older content like this, truly a gem

  • Tips to the one who got molested, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha how old were you when you got molested

  • I just came from your burp

  • 4 core ingredients in every iDubbbz videos: Vomiting in different camera shots Intro starts with a burp. Burps can also appear midway through Repetitive money shots and great quality humor

  • He’s such a child

  • 4:55 😂😂😂

  • 8:38 this is great advice

  • rochyrd korn nani

  • Is that josh groban of groban sings Casey?


  • Yay he got my bag of hair and my buttplug (used and not cleaned)

  • 5 years ago man. where did it all go

  • The person who can never get cancelled for saying the n word

  • he said the n word and nobody cares lol


  • we all know snowflakes could have never watched his videos bahahaha

  • How do I send mail


  • Does anyone get made at him saying de n word or is it just a joke

  • Imagine this in 2020 he would get banned for sure😂

  • Who is watching in quarantine? Quarantine is fun.

  • Him after every sentence ugh

  • I hate it the world has become so soft this what the time just nobody could give a shit yt would have demonized this it it was made in 2020

  • i had been watching for a while and just realized he said nigger

    • you also did white fellow

  • I can’t believe I never watched this video, I saw every other one but this one.

  • How many fuckin icons do ya want on ya computer?!

  • POV watching during zoom

  • Get you a fanbase that sends you broken glass and also promotes mental health care

  • Кальмар сушеный is dried squid for anyone wondering

  • 8:37 organize your desktop damn

  • He said they're flavored

  • “Oh these are black”

  • I still watch these videos

  • 8:05 I’m done 😂😂😂

  • You straight up asked for an XBox 360 controller when you first started fan mail bad unboxing 😂😂

  • I sleep peacefully at night hoping that the kid who wanted him to find his Minecraft server was the same kid who wanted to know if he needed more dedicated ‘wam’ for his server.

  • Who's here in 2020

  • is it bad that i laughed when he said he got molested

  • Ayyyyyyyyye that pretty blue

  • Anyone else laugh when he said a picture of a guy with dou rag eating me out in the most serious way😅

  • I got a dick in my hand

  • I was expecting a 30 minute video lol

  • Who's watching this in 2020 in quarantine

  • Anybody notice how many short cuts and files he has on his monitor

  • idubbbz almost looks like johnny joestar with that blue lipstick

  • He looks like the walmart Jeffery Star

  • 4 years later.......

  • Edupz you literally told people to send you Xbox 360 controllers

  • you made me now have to buy a ussr ushanka

  • The true golden ages

  • How you gon support a guy who proudly say the N Word

    • bruh you used ricegum's lyric

    • U mad? U gonna cry? Shut the fuck up sensitive snowflake❄❄❄. Grow up and stop acting like a child

    • @TJB24 It's just a word a mere collection of letters.

    • @jane doe he says the hard r. I'm black and I never said that ever. That shit disrespectful

    • Because who gives a shit he does it in a comical way

  • Irony. I can't say n***** f***** in the comments.

  • Definitely not fuckin disgusting Gags

  • He looks like a cancer patient

  • yes king go off💅😘💕🌸💝💫✨

  • If you ever get molested watch the new idubzzz 😐

  • I miss the old Ian puking on the floor Ian

  • Pls return

  • Please return

  • Idubbs reminded me of my brother

  • Who else is rewatching his videos because of quarantine

  • This man says the n word like it’s nothing

    • Because it's just a word

  • The fuck is wrong with this dudu who lets him say the n word

    • @Areyon Dixon snowflake stfu

    • Shut the fuck up sensitive child

    • Who ask

    • Boiiii u must not know who i am text me your number

    • Areyon Dixon shut the fuck up nigga

  • Fuck u

  • He looks like eleven from stranger things

  • idubbz swears a lot but a good tuber

  • bruh you have an 8 head

  • Witness idubbbz in that thumbnail.

  • ok

  • Love you Ian

  • 1:54 Dear Person five years ago, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  • I miss those times

  • Can I have the 360 controller

  • Good ole days 🤪☺️

  • Блять кальмар за 20 рублей

  • 5:50 what happened to Ian despising Arby's?

  • I fell in love at the mars attacks reference.

  • "Oh, apparently the whole thing's filled with broken glass" I'm still howling years after

  • \/ is how many times he said the n word

  • 4:16 anime intro starts playing

  • “A savage couldn’t write that well.” There’s a documentary on Aileen Wuornos (serial killer) featuring her prison letters... handwriting was perfect.

  • @ 3:47 pure disappoint

  • IDubbbz: wants to puke when he sees makeup Also IDubbbz: eats dumpster chicken, sewer pickles, and rotten fruits without cringing

    • Don’t forget snorting ants and having blood soaked popcorn

  • Have you been on cold ones

  • It’s all fun and games until he say Min Yung

  • Daddi

  • send those condoms to me

  • I lol'd @ the efukt tshirt

  • Exactly 4 years later

  • Your shirt is cancer