RAPE QUIZ - Not anymore!

Birt 22 feb 2016
I needed to take a quiz for school to test my knowledge about dumb shit.
hey that's pretty good chrome extension:
+1 for rape
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  • I was gonna watch hair cake not anymore

  • I know this is dated but the sick animation ref is spot on lol i wonder if mark free lanced that video for them lol

  • This is a very unfortunately aged video. Now as I learn more about women's issues and learn about how many women get assaulted, I can't help but think this video is only part of the problem.

  • eNtHuSiAsTiC cOnSeNT

  • good memes during this

  • well i think they just meant some underage girls say yes without meaning it cos they are confused and pressured kom in idupes dont be m3an

  • this is why we have guns.

  • Get facking wasted.

  • Uhh huh no thx

  • nobody: me trying to relax: amber alert ass red square: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

  • I just want to know where he got the thumbnail

  • this vid was posted on my birthday

  • Best edups video ever

  • I feel mamamax coming

  • iDubbbzTV: To Catch A Predator

  • That black girl only had two drinks, what's the big deal? Unless you're racist.

  • Who the fuck is Notany Moore?

  • This guy is gold

  • The A-sexual thing had me dying

  • Just took this. They took off the burger animation lol.

  • God this hit 10 million views fucking classic

  • Did anybody notice that the version of the "hey that's pretty good" was 0.69

  • My dog was next to me and freaked the heck out when he burped

  • Starting college, and what do you know! I had to take the rape quiz! The video where the guy and the girl illustrate consent while making out on the couch was super uncomfortable. I had to mute it because the kissing noises were so fucking awful. The most impactful parts of it all were the accounts by actual assault victims, but the rest was garbage. The repetition of "not anymore" and the skits were my least favorite parts because they almost felt like methods you'd use on elementary schoolers. Like they're trying to make it fun, entertaining, and "quirky." It's fucking rape, guys. Please don't try to be cool and relatable when you're covering a serious topic. We are not children. P.S... I seriously don't know why asexual people were included, AS AN ASEXUAL PERSON. We are very rarely represented in statistics involving LGBTQ+ people, but we're included here for some reason? Of all places? I don't get it man...

  • Yooo i just had to do this for college lmao

  • dude, you’re almost 30 😭😭

  • The Asexual part had me in stitches because I am asexual.

  • My grandma though.. 7:08

  • I need boy friend

  • This is my favorite video

  • I havent laugged tbis hard in a loong time, thanks man :)

  • miss old iDubbbz


  • That “Not Anymore” series was required as part of my college orientation. It didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know.

  • I’ve been assaulted before, and this video is funny as fuck

  • i mean asexual people do still have sex sometimes and they can definitely still get raped

  • 5:65: the girl *definitely* did not want that

  • Not anymore edups.

  • Alcohol doesnt make you change as a person and if it does you have 0 self control

  • Asexuals just walk in front of a mirror look them self’s in the eye and say “Yeah ok, go ahead”

  • Look at those veins

  • "Before that, perfectly fine. But not anymore." lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dying every time i hear that

  • LeafyIsHere ISchats: Not anymore

  • Asking "hey, wanna have sex" definitely won't make things awkward

  • 10 mil views

  • Oh shit I forgot my contract

  • Yeah I watched this guy when i was a 16. after coming back to his channel now i realize this guy is a fucking idiot.

    • @Lani Can't Read what the fuck are you talking about

    • Lani Can't Read wow you’re intelligent Definitely not Captain obvious

    • Nigga Black implying that the way women dress is the reason they get raped. The way they dress doesn’t mean “hey, I’m a little slut, come rape me”. It simply means “I wanted to look attractive today”. This is the type of thinking that allows people to make excuses for sick men to take advantage of a woman just because she dressed “trashy”

    • Wdym and also he is dumb

  • I like the shirt

  • Anyone commiting sexual assault under alcohol , male or female , is doing a crime

  • That intro made my balls twitch

  • Wait what gender is idubbbz

  • How do asexual people give consent?

  • Not Not anymore

  • I actually had to take this quiz for my college and this video made it much more interesting

  • Egg

  • "I would love to se leafy survive in today's climate." Not Anymore.

  • A lot of people don't understand the sarcasm Ian is using and it's sad.

  • Boys will be fucking boys

  • As a asexual people my hand once raped me

  • Ian arms are fucking ripped

  • 9.9 million views, lets get this bitch to 10 milli!

  • Both of those red flags are literally all men. Can confirm, I am one.

  • Lmao I hate women

  • My baby sister used to be a virgin Not anymore

  • Nanenemore

  • I was born in 2007

    • Not anymore *Hops in time machine*

  • Girl : What ! are u gonna rape me ? no u can't it's illegall Rapist : understandable have a nice day

  • NoT aNyMoRe

  • I don’t like that you showed the hair cake clip...

  • Is it rape when ISchats autoplays videos without my enthusiastic consent? Not anymore.

  • these people should make those giant hovercarriers from captain america winter soldier, but instead of killing potential criminals, they kill "potential" rapists based on the red flags

  • this guy is tom scott


  • We should just have a waiver for sex so we don’t get blamed

  • The thumbnail really turns me on

  • You didn’t show the 🟥 a full five seconds before molesting my eyes with the hair cake excerpt. I’m now suing you for not having my consent.

  • The way he smoothly transitions from telling you to end your life to the outro is amazing.

  • I'm gonna fucking rape myself

  • 0:56 heyy thats pretty good

  • boys'll be boys tho

  • edups looks like my uncle

  • iDubbz predicted there’s more to this

  • I identify as gender

  • Good

  • The burp scared tf out of me my vokume was all of the way up

  • Not anymore Me: natalie mort

  • Nana Nimoir

  • Drinking game! Take a shot every time you hear "not anymore"

  • After 100 not anymore it sounds like note anymore

  • Welp i got triggered see ya

  • THats the pre gellite add wtf

  • “Disabled” Hmm yes, a very overlooked sexuality

  • Nodinimor düd

  • 3:33 "Asexual people? Are you fuckin retarded?" I legitimately laughed at this XD

  • Not anymore, dude! What the fuck was going on before?

  • I just realized, years later, that this is the origin of the enthusiastic consent "hell yeah!" in Gentlemen's Guide.

  • rape gud

  • "It's not a sexual thing, it's a brotherly thing" Pornhub in 2020 be like "Imma make 2016 edups a liar"

  • Not anymore

  • not any more has ceased to be comprehensible speech for me at this point.