A ROPE IN THE MAIL?! || Garbage fan mail - Bad Unboxing

Birt 23 jan 2016
I muscle through some shit. Thanks for being there for me. i dont know what i'd be doing if i didnt have all this stuff to open hahahahahhahahahahahah fuck
*Changing po box currently*
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This is a video series where I unbox an item and review it. I unbox all sorts of cool stuff. Some examples include: food, toys, and subscription boxes. The gimmick is, I do a bad job. This isn’t an unboxing therapy channel, and I don’t unbox the latest tech gadgets. If I need a graphics card, I might unbox that.


  • 4:07 I love his face after he read that



  • dear feisty lil thang

  • "Must be a virus" did not age well

    • Despite what Lani says

  • Unsubbed because you didn’t eat the horse shit

  • 3:05 he tried to warn us

  • Had to pause when mom came in, anyways 10/10 would cum to again

  • At the end when the dick gummybear flew away I DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • me: literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day My dream is to reach 200 subscribers. Any support is appreciated thank you.

  • Garfield has corona!!

  • When he opens that horse shit

  • Oh no garfield your getting something!It must be a virus! That do be hitting different in 2020.

  • good fuck my phillipines dad uses saracha

  • Why did I get this recommended after 4 years ago

  • horse poop equals worms inside

  • Simp

  • 0:52

  • Theres a fucking worm in it

  • Garfield was patient 0 of covid

  • Love your vids man

  • 3:03 uh oh..

  • Garfield was patient zero for covid-19 edibbz was the first to warn us!

  • 3:03 actual footage of IDubbbz predicting COVID-19

  • Hey I’m here in 2020/ September 22 COVID TIME

  • Garfield has covid-19

  • It do be like that

  • Proof that Garfield was the first to get the corona virus

  • This video comes up if you search “they fucking might”

  • 4:15 boodapess lol

  • Same day as Filthy Frank uploaded PEOPLE I HATE

  • Hey everybody. My name is Ian. I like to open boxes and I like peein

  • “It must be a virus”

  • 3:04 he predicted covid-19

  • 1:07 gave me cancer

  • is there a thing with 50 cent that i dont get?😂😂

  • Can someone please make a a video of all of his bad unboxing fan mail videos

  • Imagine what the mail man thinks when thry see these packages

  • Ooh this ones even more ethnic

  • I lost it when he flicked the dick

  • “It must be a virus”

  • the nutriBullet method is best method for eating a fruit cup

  • No please don't you're my favorite ISchatsr

  • this is like 4chan but on youtube

  • Who else had to check the release date of this video when he said ‘it’s a virus’? 😆

  • Idubbbz predicts corona virus- 3:05

  • Im a plantation owner

  • 3:03 He predicted the Freaking future

  • The orthoscope is actually a stethoscope. An orthoscope is for the eyes💀

    • JadeKans Didn’t mean to be mean but i just wanted to say this is an old video and probably no one gonna see it

    • badrillex I do know, and you seem to care considering your replies💀The difference is important to know.

    • JadeKans You know this video is 4 years old and no one really cares ?

    • JadeKans oh damn you’re smart

    • badrillex ....yes ?

  • What is 1:56 from?

  • The virus joke aged well

  • Did he predicted corona?

  • 3:04 this hits differently in 2020

  • Unsubbed cause you didn't eat the horse shit

  • I wonder where he ships the dildos

  • Oh so he has babies in his basement okay felt.

  • I got this in my Recommended

  • 1:56

  • 4:07 i’m crying the gulp

  • Ahead of his time with the virus pun

  • 3:03 who watchin this in 2020 and got spooked by this

  • 3:04 Garfield got coronavirus Confirmed

  • The good old days when you could say the n word

  • That virus comment hits different now

    • @HuffinDoback ' lmao you dumb as hell

    • HuffinDoback ' i was referencing the corona virus. I know viruses existed before. I just thought it would be comical if I commented on the link from this video to current events

    • Yeah because viruses didn't exist before March 13th, huh? "I'm making a topical comment, please pay attention to me."

  • I unsubbed because he didnt eat the horseshit

  • i ligit cant get thought with out cring

  • cancel edubz

  • He predicted the future at about 3:00

  • So uhh Garfield has rona

  • 3:04 and 3:16 didnt age well

  • Who is bored watching this in quarantine | | |_/

  • SIMP

  • It’s a virus 👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • 3:04 Foreshadoing😭

  • Its a virus? CORONA

  • 1:12

  • Anyone watching this in 2020 and wondering how he got away with saying the things he does?

    • Twitter is over there

    • It's just jokes chill.

    • youtube was better back then

  • 3:03 is 2020 In a nutshell

  • he knew before we even knew about the virus he is a legend

  • The virus if only he knew

  • Garfield is covid patient zero

  • " I'll use all of these stickers on my piggy bank" you mean forehead

  • Why is there over 6 million subs for some dude opening boxes? Is this entertainment to you guys? I feel sorry for you who think this is entertaining. Horse shit! Actual horse shit!

    • lol stfu nobody asked

    • why would you feel sorry for people who watch videos they’re entertained by, literally makes no sense

    • Are you new here

  • 3:04 rona

  • imagine if he said the n word now

  • Does anyone notice the shirt hes wearing it's from EFUKT

  • 3:03 you can tell he’s struggling to come up with a medical term

  • I cannot play this w/o headphones lmfaoooo 😂 there is no filter

  • Nice Efukt t shirt Ian.

  • "It must be a virus" at 3:03 :● he's omnipotent

  • unsubbed because you didn't eat the horse shit

  • Nice

  • Y did this video hint things that happened in 2020

  • Unsubbing he not eat horse shit

  • Ok so were not gonna talk about how he was saying the n word

  • 4 years later and this shit still funny

  • It’s must be a virus 🦠 🧐

  • 3:05 he predicted corona

    • Edward Farrell lmao

    • omg he said the word "virus" but viruses werent invented until 2019 omg im shaking and crying how did this happen

  • 3:05 2020 be like

  • “It must be a virus” yeah okay... *D a d d i e s C u m m i e s*

  • From 3:04 to 3:36 idubbbz made fun of 2020...(time traveler?)