US President Tier List (reupload - full)

Birt 3 maí 2019
You guys demanded here it is US Presidents tier list. now stop bothering me about it. PLEASE
Fast food tier list:
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  • This is a factual and irrefutable list

  • where am I?

  • Yeah John Adams was also the only president to try to take away free speech

  • This tier list tastes like cardboard

  • How the .ighty have falñen iddubz the simp

  • Uh, didn't Reagan tear down the Berlin Wall? Or does that count for nothing?

  • Bro 15 million 200 years ago was much more worth than today

  • “These four I’m not ranking them” Half the people click off

  • Category: *Education*

  • George Washington tastes like washed up cardboard

  • Harry. S. Truman: creator of anime

  • Kennedy I think is a solid S tier.

  • Abraham Lincoln tastes like cardboard

  • Freeing the slaves was pretty cool. But have you seen those parks??

  • Lincoln is gay?

  • John Adams: doesn't own slaves (S tier) Abe Lincoln: ends slavery (A tier) makes scene

  • JFK should have been on S tier.

  • I like it just didnt agree with the Harry a Truman and George h w Bush

  • Woodrow Wilson tastes like cardboard

  • “He bombed one of the best countries in the world.” Dude... Japan was actively genocidal at the time

    • japan was better with the whole genocide thing going on than it is with anime

    • Looking for a comment like this, good to now someone though the same.

  • What a fucking dumb nerd

  • but what about the amazing economy that ronald reagan did i tink e should be s tier

  • I’m on Alr Reagan is the greatest of all time c their bruh

  • Notice how there all men

  • How many fake President accounts you want? Commen section: Yes.

  • John F. Kennedy is the best he send everyone to moon.

  • Mr. beat’s list was better

  • Washington gets s tier

  • Oh my god no idubbz you can't put the conservative second coming of jesus in c tier😫 stoooooppp

  • Eisenhower is S tier. He became a five star general and wanted nothing to do with politics at all. Both parties urged him to run for president when the war was over and he won. I spent an entire morning reading about the guy, and he just seems like a hard S to me.

  • Trump is an easy S.

  • Reagan is def S tier. Tore down Berlin wall. Crumbled the soviet economy. Ended the cold war. Reaganomics wasn't nearly as bad as people think and also ny far the best speeches of any president.

  • Abraham Lincoln tastes like cardboard

  • I like the taste of cardboard pizza

  • National parks > Freeing the slaves???

    • teddy roosevelt was arguably the coolest man alive

  • George Washington’s wasn’t one of the first presidents, he was THE first president. Also he didn’t serve in the war while being president, he was elected after the war was won.

  • Teddy Roosevelt hosted boxing fights in the Whitehouse, in these boxing matches he would successfully take on world class boxers

  • i like your funny words magic man

  • Hahahaha nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedy’s a- *gets b tier*

  • I don’t like your channel, it tastes like cardboard

  • Thomas jefferson also made/invented the first mac n chesse

  • Thanks for not being mean to teddy

  • “George Washington, one of the first presidents.” ~iDubbbz

  • All these presidents taste like cardboard

  • 3:35 Aliens is just a term for a threat coming from the outside, so that would be communists. Not actual 👽

  • Thicc: Howard Taft

  • Bruh Ronald regan is like the greatest president ever dude litterly has the greatest nickname ever

  • Did he really just say he bombed one of the best country’s? Does this dumbass not know who Japan was back then?

  • How did he not account for when Jimmy Carter accidentally told Poland he wanted to fuck?

  • Subway is better than McDonald's.

  • Very well informed

  • Teddy continued to give a fucking speech after getting shot.

  • Missing a few

  • Ronald Regan passed the hughes amendment Fucking Z tier.

  • John Adams does not deserve S

  • Putting Theodore in S is very deserved and that’s not only because of National parks, but much more.

  • The only thing different I would do is move abraham up to s tier

  • Presidential Tier List (Without all the Presidents)

  • Idubbbz went insane after the Canadians bashed his head in with a hockey stick and water-boarded him with maple syrup

  • Nice tier list but I'd but Roosavelt and Kennedy to rank S

  • Chester Wildin with 80 pairs of pants and no bedtime

  • What r u on lol

  • Fun fact about H.W. Bush: he could’ve got eaten alive by Japanese soldiers during world war 2

  • as someone related to john adams i approve

  • this list was weird mate.

  • the reagan thing was cringe, but...well, guess it wasn't so cringe after all was it.

  • Abe killed a lot of natives I am native

  • History classes should teach kids how to measure slavery in ounces

  • Cardboard

  • How my boy Washington and Lincoln not in S tier?

  • Cardboard

  • Wasn’t the Louisiana purchase way more than just Louisiana?

  • I like how he put a man who shot a lot of animals in Africa some being rare and close to endangerment above the man who freed slaves.

  • How dare you not put Kennedy in S+

  • I think you should put Jimmy carter higher as he lead a team to shut down a nuclear reactor before it had a melt down, in 1952 the chalk river laboratories where using a experimental type of nuclear reactor when a hydrogen explosion almost caused a melt down which would have leaked nuclear material into Deep River in Canada poisoning the whole river and anyone and thing around it or drank from it but luckily Lieutenant James Earl "Jimmy" Carter led a team of maintainers to shut down the core before it went into full melt down. Good on you Jimmy Carter. (If I got any facts wrong please correct them)

  • dominoes does taste like carbord

  • Why Truman is ranked so low?

  • George Washington is Hashirama

  • I don’t think dominos pizza is bad, or cardboard, but it’s not the same as a normal pizza, with different designs of pizza. This makes people say it’s bad even though is is quality.

  • Why isn’t Abraham Lincoln in the S Tier? Also does IDubbbz think that the Louisiana territory is just Louisiana?

  • WRONG Ian FDR is S tier

  • What the fuck teddy roosevelt killed 11 Italian in a mass lynching

  • Your taste in food tastes like cardboard

  • 5:14 WTF he created anime and hentai

  • Bum rite ‘tis

  • Reagan goes in C tier cuz he was cringy and, Reaganomics.

  • Conclusion owning slave is bad and buying weird stuff is cool 😂 that was amazing

  • Bro Andrew Jackson literally killed people in duels; in one duel he told the enemy to shoot first, got shot then shot and killed the man. Anything but S tier is disgraceful.

  • 5:15 whats he talkin about here?

  • some of them are really a huge dick heads now they are in hell

  • *President Trump tastes like CARDBOARD!!*

  • you should've added William Henry Harrison and put the man in S, he caught a cold at his inauguration and died a few weeks later

  • john f. Kennedy should be S, the man got us to space


  • Wait does he mean john quincy adams cuz john adams the 2nd pres owned slaves but John quincy adams didnt

  • Subway is B tier

  • This cardboard tastes like Dominos

  • mr. dubbbz this was actually quite an informative video 😁👍

  • Oswald the octopus killed jfk

  • 0:00 when a youtuber tries to think of a intro