Amazon FAN Mail - Bad Unboxing

Birt 24 jún 2016
Dick gone, chia pet gained. gonna need to get a new table
hell yeah, less revenue
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  • First idubbbz was a brony, now he’s allegedly a simp

  • We need to call table abuse

  • This would NOT pass in today's world 😂

  • Idubbz

  • plot twist: he ordered all the good shit for himself to feel better after opening all the trash

  • 5:46 "oh hey"

  • watching these back years later has a weird feeling kinda like it was a fever dream and now i’m here watching it again

  • The cutting of the Lego box never fails to make me laugh

  • nobody: no soul: iDubbbzTV:that face when

  • oh no

  • He looks like walwigi

  • did you know MRE'S are supposed to make you constipated and there's a piece of gum that makes you un-constipated.

  • He seems genuinely pleased when someone gave him camera lenses

  • 4:10


  • idubbz:i am not gay idubbz in green elf costume:im gay

  • 1:05

  • 0:36

  • 7:04

  • 5:44 favorite

  • Is the PO box open now?

  • *Cha cha cha chia*

  • Who the fuck does he pay for that shit xD

  • Mond shot

  • Why does the name "hunter" make me mad.

  • y

  • 4:00 I felt that

  • 0:29

  • 1:11


  • I cried when he smashed rainbow dash 😢😰🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 🐴🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😍💕🍭🍟🍫🍭🍫🌽🍔🍦🍦🍦

  • i come back sometimes and watch these videos because this is when youtube was funny

  • _that looks like aids_

  • How dare you they have a Tesla

  • 3:59

  • 0:12 your right suicide is not’s badass

  • Imagine being a 6 year old watching this video

  • I can vouch for dubs... I had that same MRE before.. and it's pretty good even tho it looks bad lol

  • lego my freaking eggo, huh

  • "ow that hurts my fucking insides

  • 3:44 the little gel packet

  • is it sad that me and idubbbz have the same "this rooms a wreck" sign

  • Literally mateo unboxing from the philippines

  • Your garbage man must be worried when he looks in your garbage can and sees like 20 hitler books and noses

  • .

  • When you're sick of the snowflake infested place this world has become. We come to iDubbbz for salvation.

  • I just want to say I have a really big penis I can suck my own cock

  • lego my freaking eggo

  • 3:59

  • 2:38 when bubba wallace opened his nascar locker

  • iDubbbz is now an MRE reviewer?

  • heyy thats a sturdy table

  • Suicide is not funny and so is you saying the n word with hard r

    • Shut the fuck up

    • Where was this person 4 years ago lol

    • @xSlav ikr he just saying that cuz of blm

    • Snowflake

  • "Suicide is not funny" *Meanwhile compliments a suicide rope*

  • “Hey Idubbbz filthy frank is better than you” those words aged like fine wine

  • I love how the people who sent these didn’t hold back

  • I didn't know Steve1989 was an iDubbbz viewer

  • The cuts on this video are the best

  • 7:57 had me dead

  • 1:41 7:03 8:03

  • What you do with the fake poop is you give it to the same person until they touch it then replace it with real poop

  • 7:04 I laughed so hard xD

  • "dear idubbbz my name is Hunter, I have an 8 inch coc-" 4:13

  • WOW

  • He sounds like Carl Wheezer when he says, “cha cha cha chia”

  • He ate a mre

  • what a mood

  • dickhead 5:44

  • the idubbz sex education 3:25


  • I get suisidle sometimes

  • 4:13 Dear idubbbz, my name is Hunter. I have a 8 inch cock. Lmfao, seems legit.

  • That poor table at the end

  • Thanks for this video I can't find anything interesting on youtube

  • You are simp.

  • He got so bloody happy when he got those filters

  • 2:06 scared the shit out of me

  • I love how he calls Jeff Bezos a cunt whilst opening amazon packages.

  • I need an anti acid

  • It's actually proven that food that looks more like shit taste better like my mom cooking it looks like aids and diarrhea but it taste good like 🙂

  • What the fuck is a gummy ball

  • ^^^^ *Remember to keep comments respectful and follow our community guidelines* Me: We're watching idubbbz Fuck your guidelines

  • Suicide is funny

  • Your fucking brilliant mate

  • 1:07 ha hahahahaha

  • 5:46 oH hEy 7:03 heY

  • thanks for your service to the guy who sent the mre

  • My name is hunter and I dont have an 8-inch cock

  • Who’s here 2020?

  • Simp1

  • 5:14 I want it

  • 4:37 thank you

  • Garbage man doing his job *Garbage bag tears* Jesus Christ

  • Imma fucking dipshit I thought the ping pong balls where gonna lag reality

  • 4:00 that sound felt like vomit that smells dark blue

  • "Looks like a baby dick" Wtf iDubbbz

  • 5:32 Thats how corona works

  • Everyone else: Steve1989MREInfo Me: Idubbz

  • “This epic gag you want me to do” oh hey

  • 1:06 🤣🤣