"LeSs ThAn 50% PeAnUtS"

Birt 19 feb 2020
Planters peanut company decided to piss me off today by filling my mixed nut jars with a lot of peanuts. I don't know if you've ever had this exact sort of problem, but if you have.....sounds about WHIIITE!!! hahaha, just a little joke there XD

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  • hahaha sew em´

  • the sour straw fucked it all

  • My name a chef

  • İt was a restaurant this time

  • It's 49.999% peanuts.

  • This is the first time being a Karen was actually funny

  • Dear Ian, (insert words here)

  • These are my favorite nuts on the citadel!

  • I want you to remember that none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for your crass and untimely response

  • This feels like such a Karen thing that isn't a Karen thing based on the fact that he actually did research...

  • 3 months work still a bad mustache. Jk I like your mustache idubbzzzz because I can grow full facial hair but it’s all red. Doesn’t sound super bad right, my hair is brown.

  • 1:58 edupes gf on onlyfans

  • LOL they added "*by weight" now

  • He was right this is how a virus is started

  • Yvette's script gave a different explanation though. The packaging does clearly say LESS THAN 50, but her script said "Equal to Less than 50%." So even Planters themselves aren't holding themselves to their own promises. Either way, they give out those coupons like candy because it costs them next to nothing to do so.

  • Damn this video was wholesome

  • Slowly losing his mind, content cop, Mr Peanut

  • idubbz is gae

  • im not gonna lie i watched this video befors corona became a thing

  • You look like discount Walter white

  • simpdubbbz

  • I love how he's so petty as to waste his time to call them and split hairs over the extra percent. Only edups!

  • “This is how a virus starts” OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH SHI-

  • This is just him being a picky asshole

  • why didnt he just put the plates on the scale instead of getting a whole new plate and dumping the nuts onto it?...

  • simp

  • "Not gonna do this by weight" *Proceeds to measure by weight*

  • But but, I thought you were going to count individual nuts!? And gosh, why am I caring enough to even say that! What's wrong with me!

  • ✨Fewer✨

  • I love you simp man

  • I worked at a warehouse called Fishers nuts and it made me never want to get nuts again. Especially not great value/ non-name brands. I went to throw away obviously nasty nuts that came off the planters conveyor belt... covered in dirt on floor all day e.t.c... They had my ass Cuz they said they were fine and to put then on a belt that burned off the dust and they went into great value bags... whenever i see an extra toasty cashew i know it went through this process and i wanna puke. It was all about quantity over quality, and they hired temps that would only stay a day or so and never cared about the job... also you couldn't have a cigarette on your break during the as always 10+ hour shifts so you stop caring anyway.

    • 1 gross. 2 why not stop smoking then?

  • This is also how a gender reveal wildfire starts

  • 10:48 That was one hell of a response, I would never have guessed they'd do that. Kudos to planters, I guess...

  • poor planters.

  • This is how a virus starts

  • I think he can hassle every product, even RME


  • Wait. Wouldn't it be more accurate if he had counted them. Going by weight is flawed bc peanuts are different shapes and sizes and weights.

  • Hearing that classic gag gave me flashbacks to the classic bad unboxing

  • Did you count them though?

  • Why does he look so old

  • he should not have said that he really should not have said that

  • gotta go through these to see if theres any rogue peanuts in there

  • Regarding the failed straw experiment: Because you kept the straws in a closed container there was no available oxygen. Some of the straws might not have decomposed because of the anaerobic conditions. Try to simulate the real conditions for your experiment. I would suggest leaving a straw outside, maybe in water, maybe on land. Just protect the straw from animal interference, such as squirrels.

  • You look like a gay Johnny Depp

  • never buying that brand again!]

  • Seems like a good way to get free nuts

  • my man gained 4.7 mil views for Nuts. Nuts.

  • Guys. He's using a OnePlus device. It's either a OnePlus 6t or a OnePlus 7t. Most likely the latter. Amazing phone. 10/10. Everybody should own a OnePlus device. Disclaimer: I do not work for OnePlus. I work for TMobile. And everybody that works at my store owns a OnePlus 7 whether it be a 7t or a 7 pro. I have the 7t. OnePlus rant over. I got a little excited.

  • simp

  • idubz actually created covid-19 with that jar

  • That whole phonecall was the most mundane thing to me and I find it hilarious for some reason. Yvette is being really professional talking about the nut packaging guidelines and has to reimburse you because your can of nuts had a couple extra cashews in it. Like she didn't even bother to question how or why you did these calculations, it's just a casual day working for a nut company, it's also funny for me to think about these nut coupons existing for such an arbitrary thing

  • Idubbbz created coronavirus...

  • Moral: idubbbz loves coupons. This is all an experiment on if idubbbz can turn slowly turn this into an extreme couponing channel without anyone noticing.

  • Everyone: hE şTÅrT3d c0roñÅ háHã ì äm Šo fÜnnŸ HãHA

  • Do I hear fucking earthbound in the background

  • Im dead 2:12

  • He seems genuinely upset over something so inconsequential

  • Every asshole executive/project managers/production manager always tryin to cut cost RIGHT ON THE BUTT! lmao

  • Why is everyone in the comments acting like COVID-19 wasn't a thing and on the verge of being a pandemic long before he said that joke?

  • “this is how a virus starts” that aged well

  • Eedoops started Corona

  • I think this should be re-labeled as *man who definitely doesn’t molest children is disgusted by corporate America pulling the wool over his eyes and lying about his nuts

  • when your plug give you 25 instead 28.32 or 3 instead 3.5

  • 9:06 "Less than" seems correct in this instance. "Fewer" is used for countable quantities. Weight (since that's what you measured by) is not countable.

  • I honestly have no idea why the fuck I still watch this bullshit i guess it’s just because of the comedy but yea anyways love you

  • I think that was just a tiny over reaction on Ian's part

    • Yeah I'm kinda a big deal it’s Ian

  • 9:51 what’s in the corner of his room!?!?!

  • The amount of petty😂 I love it

  • This is almost an exact replica of an example statistics question I had in a Bio Lab. Never thought someone could make statistics entertaining.

  • Idubbs play fortnite with me please

  • 1:59 music name? please? :c

  • What’s the salinity of the jar

  • That's something my dad would do

  • Dude, ditch the moustache by 2021 or i’ll **** you. Juzzzzt sayin’.. let’s be REAL. 💯

  • Nut

  • Why do you have 2 ar-15s?

  • "Massive scam "

  • you would think this was boring cause he's reviewing peanuts. but it's an idubbbz video so it's incredibly entertaining

  • Is it that fuckin easy to ger free stuff in the US?

  • I dubbz karen

  • Me going to work knowing this man made thousands of dollars off complaining about mixed nuts

  • Gonna get a glob of spit in one of your planters peanuts one day😂

  • I get those Kroger’s knockoff less than 50% nuts. I give them peanuts to the dog and keep the 2 Brazil nuts to myself at this point

  • The peanut, also known as the groundnut,[2] goober (US), or monkey nut (UK), and taxonomically classified as Arachis hypogaea, is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. It is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, being important to both small and large commercial producers. It is classified as both a grain legume[3] and, due to its high oil content, an oil crop.[4] World annual production of shelled peanuts was 44 million tonnes in 2016, led by China with 38% of the world total. Atypically among legume crop plants, peanut pods develop underground (geocarpy) rather than above ground. With this characteristic in mind, the botanist Carl Linnaeus named the species hypogaea, which means "under the earth".

  • Idubbz is the idubbbz equivalent to a Karen in this video

  • You've turned your apparence into the creepy neighbor

  • Ian did coronavirus confirmed


  • Did you account for the weight of the plates?

  • No one: The comments:VIrUs

  • Add napalm..... you didnt hear that from me.

  • It should say "Mixed Nuts Less Than, 50% Peanuts"

  • "this is how a virus starts"

  • World: *blames china about starting corona* Idubbz: .....

  • You started Covid-19. Thanks Ian

  • I am questioning my gender

  • If peanuts can be featured so heavily in a nut medley, so can corn nuts, let's also get them in there

  • 0:57 foreshadowing

  • I like how you could've just made up the fact you counted the nuts and got nuts for free.