WOAH Crazy Toy! - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 11 ágú 2017
Fan mail is back on the menu. But don't worry! other things are brewing for kids who are patient and not the bane of my existence.
mini square _____, mini square _____.
Toys for everyone
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  • This is one of those moments when you get a burst of autism and you just make everything a mess and then realize the mess you have to clean up 4 minutes after your episode. I've been there a lot.

  • The classic when you realise what you just said

  • The army helmet I believe was a post ww2 type stahlhelm. Produced by germany.

  • Gae boi

  • my friend said hi

  • God

  • im live in New Zealand 4:54 Amazing impression of the Haka

  • The only lie is he’s name is Ian

  • 1:38 I like how he's saying everything's going up but his mic is going down 🤣😂

  • That’s my dads belly

  • still can't tell if the farting noise at 0:33 is a sound effect or real

  • I’m on the rewatch run right for Bad Unboxing for about the 7th time

  • Me when I die in Minecraft with diamonds 0:47

  • No one: Black widow Supra pulling up to the car meet: 0:08

  • So he didn't finish his apprenticeship?


  • Gak

  • People with OCD👁👄👁

  • 6:48 I was dying

  • Is it wierd that a Person would know all the words in a video?

  • The last package was a ww2 German helmet more specifically an m35 stalhelm...... the nazis wore that

  • 1:56 How do wall get tall?

  • yes idubbbz autisms hat those things i found this out bc i just watched a autistic kid say he hated them

  • being a new Zealander, that is true.

  • he sounds like kermit the frog

  • 6:21 my friend is autistic and I asked him. He said “that isn’t my kind of thing” so I guess he likes different fidget toys.

  • in max's pokemon videos he was so energetic now he looks like hes depressed lol

  • Kiwis be like 4:50

  • 3:39 what you came to this vid to see

  • My mom was by me when he was playing with the slime, and I am now grounded for 1 week but I still can have my phone

  • Ahh, hand sanitizer, it's a 2020 thing, you wouldn't get it. /s.

  • Probably shouldn’t make fun of the New Zealand haka Dance, people do it at funerals and it has a lot of meaning to them, kinda stupid and a bad gag to make

  • And we never knew about olaf ever again

  • fart joke funny

  • THE BELLY SLAP 4:47 4:59

  • Today he is 53

  • 4:32 Half expected him to burn it

  • I dubbz the New Zealand rugby team dosent just scream we do our Haka proud

    • Yeah I just commented something about the Haka, he has no idea, I’ve had to goto a lot of funerals recently for family memebers and my partners family and they always do the Haka and it’s so emotional and probably one on the saddest things I’ve ever seen, someone dancing with raw emotion and sadness and how seriously they do it, I’ve seen people scream at the top of their lungs screaming the Haka, obviously still understandable but if Ian was in Australia and did this in the wrong place he would get fucked up hard, I remember some white kid did the Haka at Schoolies and got bashed to the point he was in hospital, people take this shit really serious

  • the ammonia and bleach mix to create chlorine gas i think that urine remover clorox was a meme

  • hes autistic its just that hes not a kid

  • when he jiggled the slime its had a sexual harassment add🤣🤣

  • the thumbnail hits differnt for indians.

  • 8:16 *t i t q u a k e*

  • the nz team thing is called the haka

  • 8:15 the peak of humanity

  • 6:45

  • yOu PrAnKeD mE

  • what was the lotion on your table for? heheh

  • 4:50

  • Make a series called “Bad cleaning” where you clean your room after every bad unboxing.

  • 4:54 truly the peek of idubbbz content

  • I fucking Miss these videos god damn😞😩

  • I know what you’re talking about remember the name of the slime its called gak

  • Are you talking about gak?

  • 0:33 who else noticed the fart

  • 0:30 my man farted🤣

  • He means gack

  • 5:43

  • YAK. And it was disgusting. And I’m deeply troubled that my friend’s kids keep asking me to play with slime now so I’m forced to relive that disgust.

  • what pc you got or whats ur specs

  • I didn’t even notice that he farted on his mic at 0:33

  • Nobody gonna talk on the missing skin on his thumb flap

  • Fucking scares the shit out of me when his voice changes with headphones

  • t

  • I have asbergers a type of high functioning Autism and I love ur channel never stop being u ur my inspiration

  • 9 minute video desicated to unboxing *takes 3 minutes and 41 seconds to open the first box*

    • Welcome to ISchats, I know this ISchatsr who is very popular but still does 3-4 min intro

  • I wanna know where he finds the little songs he uses like the mini square fat

  • do a content cop on trump

    • That’s such a bad idea, the amount of triggered nerds who think they are in parliament would be unstoppable

  • What’s that crossbow called I need one

  • his desk is made out of fUcKiNg CaRdBoArD!!!

  • Oh LAWDY!

  • Bro, that nut sweat part really got to me.

  • Docks the black team is called , The All Blacks and they thing they are doing is the, Haka.

  • 5:00 do i look FAT or do i look NORMAL

  • Now that the man that sent that to you- he regrets giving you that hand sanitizer

  • Simp

  • That helmet is a ww2 German helmet

  • Bruh this i miss

  • it's called gak

  • Oh so this is same table you have for the Rice Gum content cop...

  • 4:25

  • I’m not sure how people thought you were actually an electricians apprentice lol it was a relatively obvious joke

  • Was that a gundam rx 78 2? Or am I wrong probably wrong

  • 0:33 he farts on the mic lel

  • Why would he shield me from gmails?

  • His name isnt ian that was the lie

  • 0:33 😂😂

  • Hamburguer

  • Banana

  • you can fArm a bee in here


  • Know I'm late but as a high functioning autistic, I kinda hate those ch ik nese fingertraps with the marvel in em

    • Ok

    • Not correcting myself cuz screw yall

  • The lie is his name is Ian

  • lol that black team, i'm from nz that shits funny. been a fan from the start

  • Idubbbz: carrying table broken in half outside* His neighbors: 👁👄👁

  • Idubbbz: carrying table broken in half outside* His neighbors: 👁👄👁

  • Is that the patches in bloodborne? The art in the back

  • 0:09 friends theme be like

  • I died when he put on the stahlhelm😂😂😂😂

  • How the actual fuck did I get an add