Cute Girl celebrates the End Times - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 28 sep 2016
thank goodness
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  • He pissed on the table, said the nword a lot, he says so much shit. But ill get hate for this comment. Yall sus

  • Wait is he just allowed to say the n word?

  • ùwú

  • Guess it wasnt the final bad unboxing

  • Free money

  • Big forehead lil headass

  • This video aged well

  • 5:29 wtf

  • Why do people les on sending him pp

  • Well this video didn't age well.

  • 3 years too early

  • nigga fuckin pissed on the table lmao

  • 3:06

  • There should be prank pregnancy tests

  • 1:39 is where you can tell he cares about everyone in the world.

  • Hi

  • do you use the lion mask during the corona virus?

  • This was my first idubbbz video I’ve seen 4 years ago and didn’t know he is sarcastic and when he laughed at the tree pennies I was genuinely like he should be grateful

  • can someone tell me why he can say the n word? please?

  • made exactly 4 years ago.

  • 3:08

  • Wait! Is he pregnant or not!?!!!?!!? ⁉️‼️⁉️‼️‼️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  • Idubbz 2020 is still funny

  • Idk guys white seems kinda sus

  • What for 2020

  • Little Gucci is my favorite rapper

  • i cant belive i used to to to think this was fu nnnnyy noooo and i had a crush on him too so glad i went to therapy

  • 2020 and this shit is still hilarious

  • 3:32💀💀

  • “This lil peep”


  • Can we harvest him for stem cells

  • press 8 on your computer or 5:45

  • So was he pregnant or not??? Does his cancer count as a baby?

  • My Gatorade came out my nose when he was singing the silly puddy song


  • a study says that if you piss on a pregnancy test and it's positive then you probably have cancer

  • Final episode

  • Was he pregnant?

  • 0:44 is that leafy

  • “the final episode” haha yea sure

  • 2016 was some crazy times!

  • Ewgay

  • I'm just wondering but who the fuck cleans his house after his videos cuz I don't think he would be able to do that

    • @Max Olsen I know

    • He just doesent clean it

  • Me to

  • ian has the same energy as roger from american dad

  • jeffery epstien is the best

  • Remember when he had cancer? And now he's okay. That was beautiful 😢

  • I died at Little Gucci!!

  • you were 3 years late

  • He’s the only person in the world who can say the n word without it being racist. He says is so casually and only says it when someone writes it

    • Literally anyone can say nigger or nigga without being racist if you just don't use it in a racist context. People are just so stupid nowadays that they don't even realize only letting one race say a particular word is the definition of racism.

  • Anyone here in 2020 R.I.P unboxing :(

  • What the fuck was that ending

  • He reminds me of the riddler

  • so u pregnant or naw

  • 4:22 HAHAHAH

  • greetings and salutations made me happy

  • Happy birthday edups

  • The ppp the pocket pussy pile

  • "End times". Very poor choice of words

  • 3:30 this got me so hard

  • He should do a d I c k calendar

  • i got an ad for this lmaoo ?

  • Idubzzz predicted 2020

  • I’m excuse me edups you never revealed your PREGNANCY TEST??

  • I like how he talks about Ricky Berwick and then 3 years later he did a video with him

  • Was he pregnant

  • Yeet

  • Snow flake liberal would cry if they saw this video

  • What's the song in the intro

  • 4:18 I died

  • How dis not age restricted

  • Is he pregnant tho?

  • That's what in doin in 2020

  • What about the pregnancy test

  • Holy crap, its mew2king.

  • He says the n word

  • Why is it over, he ran out of fan mail? Bruh heaint getting no more?

    • this video was made 3 years ago, he actually brought back the series

  • i bet all the people who disliked the vid are gays

  • Still waiting for if he's pregnant

  • Makes me sad watching this video and thinking about what he’s become now. He has been brainwashed sadly.

    • No he just grew up

    • @mike.c .15 no. The problem is that she is an asshole

    • If his girlfriend didn't start an onlyfans account it wouldn't have happened

  • pooplit

  • 1:08 rip lil peep

    • Jeremy Lamb lmao he fucking died

  • 3:37 💀💀💀💀💀

  • I just realized he is wearing a wig

  • This is classic

  • 5:23

  • that lion facemask is really convenient now in 2020...

  • So are u pregnant????

  • You can do some damage with that thing

  • I have watched the intro very often now. It's really a piece of shi.. art.

  • This video is somehow still monetized. ISchats is so broken

  • Ahh yes my favorite toy the ricky action figure

  • The bigfoot call cracked my ass up

  • Who else agrees - 2:42

  • whats the name of the song thats in the beginning of the videos

  • Twist ending: Ethan is straight

  • ...

  • but edups.. were you pregnont?

  • 0:35 sure you did buddy......