what's in the box? #2

Birt 24 nóv 2016
Thanks for watching kids :-)
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  • This makes me sad... Really sad....

  • Ian is a creative genius...

  • Episode 3 bro

  • This series caused me to feel genuinely concerned about Ian's current state of mental health

  • 4 years later and I still love this series, would love to see it make a come back

  • "Its an advent calander for retards" I miss this show

  • Bring this shit back man

  • nearly been 4 years I wish he'd just bring it back one more episode 😔

  • 1:11 I feel like I’m tied up in a chair while he’s explaining this to me

  • Ok But Where Is What In The Box 3#

  • I don’t know why he stopped this series, it’s really funny.

  • Imagine just accidentally stumbling into this scene. You'd probably call the police.

  • Where’s ep. 3??

  • 2020 needs this

  • please

  • What’s stopping me from saying this is Pee-wee’s Playhouse

  • .

  • Fun fact, that slingshot is fucking illegal because it has a brace

  • 2020 needs this

  • this series' continuation will be 2020's salvation

  • why didn't he make more this is such a great series


  • i miss this series

  • Still waiting for #3

  • When I watch this video I feel like I am in limbo

  • vsause looks skinny

  • Why he stop

  • Looks like a torture chamber

  • I'm still waiting Ian

  • I miss this series

  • "THE HASH RINGING- THE FASH MINGING- THE FUCK CUCKING-" iDubbbz the Deranged Game Show Host -2016

  • Bring back what's in the box with guest stars airsoft fatty and dacks flame

  • 3:17 spongebob or a fokin goat?

  • Come back >:c

  • I'M GAY

  • If you make more of these, I will subscribe to your channel. Deal? Deal. I just subscribed. Now you have to make more.

  • whats in yo mama

  • we all know that this series ended because he accidentally shot the pointer for the wheel.


  • Almost better then smoothie game show

  • Most accurate cricket mobile asmr by far. 🤙

  • ah yes my heart worsens

  • ian is so funny

  • Why u stop, DO MORE!!!!!

  • When is that's in the box three cumming dad

  • when this first released i disliked it, but in retrospect, this shit was bangin'

  • 10 boxes left, I'm so excited I wonder what's inside

  • Why exactly did this series only get 2 episodes?

  • He needs to bring this back. But I understand if he doesn't hahaha the clean up looks brutal.

  • Dad You're coming back with the milk right? Dad?

  • Pov you are kidnapped by Ian and he makes you watch him go crazy


  • Is it so much to ask for a part 3

  • It totally landed on 2 again.

  • still waiting on episode 3

  • How does the camera work?

  • T I H S W A S H I S B E S T S E R I S

  • Bring it back

  • wheres whats in the box 3 ?

  • Where is 3#

  • Bring this series back

  • Remember hair cake?

  • Fun

  • Why did this entire episode feel like I just rewatched the joker movie

  • Still waiting for episode 3...

  • This was one of the most fucked series, not bad though

  • Part 3

  • failed project

  • This is honestly my favourite idubbbz series. Just a man slowly being driven insane. The character of a psychologically fucked game show host is really funny

  • When is episode 3 idubbbz its been a little bit

  • Bring this back

  • I actually liked thid

  • Good series. Probably comments on the first episode got to him and after this one he said fuck it. Great content though. Fuck off

  • Ian could be a good replacement for Lester in GTA 6

  • Make more of these please!

  • *4 Years*

  • Still waiting...

  • please bring this back iduppy

  • i genuinely felt bad for him at the end. like i read someone else's take on this series, and they said maybe he thought it wasn't good enough and he put in all this effort for not a lot of pay out. him saying "i really need your guys approval on this" really resonated with me, like he seriously doubted this series. anyways, at the time, i really liked this series and watched both episodes as soon as they came out, and i was hoping for more

  • 0:17 cerial killer's laier be like

  • More sexy

  • what a legend.

  • Pls edups, I need number 3

  • I want this to come back

  • I would like to know what's in the rest of the boxes

  • The real reason why there was never a third episode 5:13

  • Aw mana I miss this series

  • We need more boxes

  • It's been almost 4 years and I'm still waiting on episode 3. 😔

  • His shirt is a call back to the last episode

  • please show other boxes

  • I wish Idubbbz would do more of these, they are so good!


  • From Rockstar BULLY type intro music to WHAT WE DO HERE IS GO BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK!!!

  • I miss this.

  • 4:28 was that a joergsparve impression?!

  • I will always miss the crack den

  • Think about this... We will never know what was in those boxes

  • Come back

  • Who else feels like the song is from American horror story