Kickstarter Crap - LICKI, Tail Topper, Roodie

Birt 4 jún 2016
Thanks for being patient.
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Kickstarter Crap / Indiegogo Excrement is a series where I look at failed projects or projects that I have a bad opinion about. Some of the kickstarter projects are from /r/shittykickstarters . Some people request terrible kickstarter projects. Most of the time, I will filter projects by 'newest' and look through them. All the opinions expressed in this video should be taken with a grain of salt.


  • “It’s not your fur baby you just have dried up ovaries”

  • Shane dawson would want this.

  • Yeah don't call pets lazy bitch, they are not like us they don't have deadlines in their jobs

  • Me at 8:10 ya when people call pets fur babies they are cute but when I call a child skin dog I am "disgusting" and the worst doctor in this "children hospital "

  • The guy at 6:36 "the inspiration came from growing up in a farm"

  • 6:55 yeah ik it's for comedic purposes but actually, cats are very useful for pests like rats that can devour the garrisons for the animals, and the stored food in silos

  • 6:33 That guy looks like if you photoshopped Pewdiepie's face to be vertically longer.

  • Ummm ...all we needed was a bigger pocket??? If that's code for "stronger meds", then okay.

  • *Shane Dawson wants to know your location

  • How did they find people to use this "brush"?

  • 1:28 tool moment

  • if you wanna have sex with your cat talk to shane dawson he can help you he knows all about it

  • 5:11 eduppies literally flexing on us.

  • “I’m a slave, for you” - Dayron Arias

  • lmao i saw the shoko nakagawa coming from a mile away

  • i hope y’all didn’t miss the shark tank episode with the licki pitch :)

  • Lol why was the pot by tool playing for the bonobos?!

  • @2:17 I don't feel like these are my peers

  • The guy who was acting like the dog for the ‘roodie’ sounded *too* into what he was doing.

  • Hey at least Leafy took a stab at voice over work at Roodie. Obviously it's not his game but good for him for trying something new.

  • 8:09

  • They put this on shark tank

  • 2:43 i died at this point

  • My dog will start jumping around at the door if he hears metal clinking because it sounds like a leash

  • If shit keeps going like this, cats will evolve to have thumbs just to get rid of us.

  • Would you like it if your cat stood upright and shook your hand with a silicone hand? No, no you wouldn’t.

  • 5:46 If dogs actually talked like this, I would work at the pound.

  • A wise man once said "having relationship issues with your pet here's a shotgun go sort it out"

  • Shane Dawson would love this, actually I guess not... because he does wanna fuck his cat

  • I wonder if idubbbz actually grownup on a turtle farm if so that would explain a lot about him.

  • 7:13 Thankyawwww

  • Hey Ian wanna come over my house for a LICKI party?

  • What is the name of the song in the outro?

  • Almost a decade ago in the local mall, I saw what I had assumed was a bearded lady and her significant other walking with their Pomeranian in a stroller.

  • What the fuck is with the tool sample jesus

  • boner

  • I don't like licking a cat, but oh boy do I like licking a pussy.

  • Imagine unironically being this insane.

  • Friendzoned again!

  • 6:41 he looks like a pirated Jimmy Fallon

  • Was that tyw fight club song in the intro?

  • TOOL @1:27

  • All of these are handwritten, can i have $5

  • Furries

  • “Yeah I grew up on FERM”

  • 3:48 *Shane Dawson has entered the chat*

  • Your arms are veiny and that’s pretty hot

  • “Have you ever wanted to lick your cat?” Me: why would I ever want to do that

  • Wow he actually went hard in these God damn lmao

  • Why the fuck is The Pot playing at 1:30

  • barn cats are for catching mice walnut brain

  • As if this guy went on to become a simp

  • Do you like tool?

  • Just grab the thing and use it as a brash

  • This is one of my favorite videos of Ian.

  • My dog actually doesn't like walks.

  • @ 5:11 , lookit them biceps

  • old-ass video, I know, and someone's likely long since brought it up, but cats are actually pretty useful to have around a farm, mainly for eating pests and scaring away smaller animals.

  • Going thru pregnancy and giving birth is an amazing experience. The best part is that they grow up and watching them grow is amazing. So I guess bc I'm a mom that's why I don't view our 2 cats as ridiculous "fur babies." Nah, they're our pets, they're animals. These are "old maids" and the stereotype of "crazy cat (or dog) ladies". "Fur Baby" sounds like a child's toy f f s.

  • As a cat owner, I gotta say: none of those cats look happy

  • I appreciate the tool XD

  • Why was "the pot" played for the bonobos fucking?

  • If you still had an open PO box for fan mail I would send you my entire TOOL album collection, I have the complete set with full album art, and I'd do it just because the tiny segment you used in this video. I own every single, demo, and album by the MJKeenan bands. Tool, perfect circle, and puscifer.

  • Who are you to wave your finger? So full of it. Eyeballs deep in muddy waters. Fuckin' hypocrite. Liar, lawyer, mirror, show me what's the difference? Kangaroo done hung the guilty with the innocent.

  • How come no one is talking about how much the cats look like they don't want to be there being rubber licked

  • Cats live on the farm to rip mice and rats to fuck

  • Lmfao

  • iDubbbz joking about how cats aren't farm animals really shows that he hasn't been anywhere near a farm. Almost every farm here in Iowa has some (mostly stray) dens of cats around, or even takes care of a few themselves. Keeps rodents away from the feed.

  • His correct use of "vestigial" turns me on

  • They musta been sooo high, they musta been sooooo hiiiighhh

  • Watching apes fuck to Tool’s “The Pot” is something I thought I would never see but always wanted.

  • I LOVE the sweater!!!! My cats would love that. Sometimes i zip my boy up in my sweater so his head pokes out and we go for a walk, he LOVES IT! because he loves being outside but it scares him. My furbabies 😻😍

  • All the people actually using the licki brush look gross like they don’t wash and the cats look so unhappy and depressed.

  • So glad I knew when to laugh

  • Yeah, im not gonna put that in my mouth for my cat.

  • Hahaha this thing ended up being on an episode of shark tank

  • Pet depression is caused by depressing owners with attachment issues.

  • wait wait wait wait waitwaitwatiwait waitaminute...... I know I'm probably not the first, but if you had lasiks, why the fuck would you be wearing your normal glasses at all.........?

  • Barn cats are a very useful part of the farm economy because they provide necessary pest management. It’s very common for farms to have cats, as well as dogs. Just because they aren’t livestock doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly valuable utility animals.

  • WHAT AM I LINUS TECH TIPS??? ded iDubbz u my new fav jewtuber. Liked you since frank but nowu my dood

  • Having cats on a farm is needed my guy. Helps keep away rodents...

  • bruh my dog lazy as fuck

  • (Stuff white people buy.)

  • Quite interestingly, he seems to cut through the bullshit with the bullshit of his own. It's brilliant.

  • I just saw "dog chocolate" its the same like licking your cat. you are susan and you want your cat /dog to enjoy it but its a fkcing dog/cat

  • 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Lol Ian would be a tool fan.

  • 5:06

  • 6:51 It only takes under 10 seconds of thinking to understand why cats are useful on a farm. Or you can make a retarded joke.

  • I'm gonna groom my Fish!

  • What video are the last seconds of this video from with the skype call?

  • You´re right, dogs are Always ready for a walk! Owners are lazy!

  • i NoTiCed ThAt lEaViNg My Cat AlOnE FoR 24 HoUrS A DaY hAd A tOlL On ThE OvErAlL qUaLiTy Of LIFe Of mY kItTy cAt

  • Didnt expect to hear a tool song in an idubbbz video

  • My god, every single one of those guys licking cats are beta af

  • TOOL?.

  • Tool: The Pot

    • Don't get why he put it there but it made me laugh😂😂😂

    • Dude I died at that part 🤣

    • @harryfbrice yes

    • @J Shelly you must've been sooooo high

    • You must've been high

  • It’s literally a silicone brush you’re putting in your mouth. Just fucking pet/brush them like a normal person

  • This makes me want to eat cats not groom them. where is my deep fryer.

  • Sup blood