POKEMON KINDER EGGS - Samurai Buyer Unboxing

Birt 23 des 2016
I hope you are all having a wonderful time during this holiday season. I hope that all of you get what you want for christmas, even if you're a spoiled brat.
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  • i know im 3 years late but arent kinder eggs illegal here? just wondering

  • musaki is a nice man he is just a weaboo like you.pushy

  • the anime was umaru chan

  • What is that song called at 5:00 I have been searching for this for a good 2 days

    • It's from kung fu panda

  • I had thoes rice cracker rods I smoked one as a joke it wasn't funny just coughed my lungs up for about half an hour

  • Boba is just a Tamagachi ! Japan reuses stuff we forget about n just rebrands n sells it to America

  • hey

  • Fucking google racist

  • fuckin no titty havin ass bitch

  • december 23, 2016 my god my dick was smol back then

  • Edups of the body flicker technique😳😳 Also can someone explain the beef between idup and yellow monki? I seen the vid but i dont get why hes so tight

  • 2:57 um.. ian what the?

  • Still rewatching all his videos 4 years later

  • So many umarus

  • Idubbz I hope you see this. You are the most underrated and funniest you tubers on this platform. You need more subs

  • sorry to dem

  • Ik this is dumb but after all these couple years I still don’t understand if masaki is real

  • it took 20 times watching this to realize the cucumber phone was slowly being eaten

  • only Otakus can read that subtitle dat fast

  • That anime stuff you opened that's from a show

  • Lmao i love how he copied max

  • Only more yellow... With slits for his eyes😑.

  • I like it when ISchats ad's are literally 8 minutes long...

  • 5:48 has that ever been said in human history

  • Hey mr iddubies in 2020 there will be a corona virus outbreak and murder hornets

  • Happy doomsday -2020

  • Go to 2:58

  • Did misaki die

  • Masaki is the best

  • 2:45

  • Gayest shit I've ever seen 2:15

  • I've still never been able to tell if misaki is real or this is all just a gag


  • 0:03 NANI!

  • 7:20 I actually made the right prediction from over 5000+ pokemon. Feels epic not gonna lie

  • Tuname. Jesus christ 😂

  • 6:04

  • 7:12 jesus fucking christ-

  • 0:50 the popular kids in class be like

  • 4:20

  • Rip chocolate

  • Snorlax Pikachu FAT ASS PIKACHU

  • Omg the beginning scared the shit outta me my earbuds volume was up

  • Jaiden sent me here

  • Yo he opened up a Mega Lucario (which is my favorite Pokémon) and he called it a puzzle bruh I am sobbing

  • “Was it cool when I dressed up as an Asian school girl and opened Pokémon kinder eggs?”

  • 2:53 sounds like jim carey

    • Jim Carrey'

  • Poop is funny

  • I really want to hang that snorlax ona tree along with my slaves

  • Bruh at 4:24 when he created bluefaces adlib

  • 6:44 6:45 6:45 0 6:44 6:46

  • this one is... gay. this one is gay.

  • (>^*^

  • I felt bad for mafaggy until i read what happened

  • misaki probably dead

  • 0:36 *i lost it.*

  • 8====================D~ PENIS you da man

  • This is strange. I like the stoner squirrel savin mofo that hangs out with the real nerds

  • Your hair wtf

  • 5:29 can we acknowledge that this has been first ever iDubbbz bleep the word TWAT

  • Does he seriously not like him or? 😂

  • I saw joji's music video as an ad of this video...

  • Loo k Its himouto umaru chan!!

  • Risk bond

  • Is this how all Japanese people handle their business lol

  • ... what is a "fucking google racist" ?

  • This shit is so relevant in 2020.........

  • I wana put my weiner in a jug of hot sauce after watching all of this.

  • im always saying in my head many quotes from this episode. Miss the misake serie even if he is a piece of shit

  • I don’t know why 6:44 is so funny to me

  • That h3 shit at the end killed me

  • 2:57

  • 7:12

  • Aren’t kinder eggs illegal in America

  • *oh no one of my tits fell into my stomach*

  • Consider me gay but i want those pencil toppers

  • Watching in 2020. I just miss Masaki!!!

    • k a l i n k a reddit miss

    • things were so much simpler back when this was uploaded...

    • BigChump you like boys

    • @BigChump dont be mean to me ;( i just asked :/

    • @k a l i n k a Use the I N T E R N E T. I'm not your teacher.

  • stop over exposing your videos


  • Your mon

  • *”Oh no, one of my tits fell on my stomach”* -Idubbz 2016

  • I want the fork that he used

  • How has he not been killed by ninjas

  • He’s so mean to poor Misaki

  • Woah I happened to watch this years later on christmas. The shootout for a merry Christmas shook me

  • What a legendary quote: "Oh no! One of my tits fell onto my stomach!" -iDubbbz 2016

  • It’s the niqqa wit da fork

  • Wow, I didn’t know you had learned instant transmission.

  • You failed nnn

  • why did that one censor bleep happen but not for anything else ever?

  • Oh no one my tits fell out of my stomach.

  • Do you even have the n word pass!?!? reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • He is wearing the skin of a different race

  • You could not get away with this humour on ISchats in 2019

  • So I’m just watching these, I haven’t done any research, but I’m fairly positive this is a bit between him and maxmofo that allowed him to do racy comedy, and the “nuts hang low” bit at the end was him dancing a little jig to how un pc he is as a comedian in this era of pc censorship. I could be wrong. The Max hints were pretty obvious to me though. And it makes a lot more sense than him stilling the samurai buyer logo and fragrantly taunting them to sue him. Lmao. Am I the only one who sees this?

  • At 2:50 he starts sounding like american psycho

  • The outro tho

  • Fucking straya. You n max need to do more shit. Fuck you! 👍

  • I love you yellow nigga

  • It be Ian-chan