Content Cop - FINE BROS & The Revenue Machine

Birt 2 feb 2016
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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I'm like
75% serious most of the time. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.


  • Cops

  • I fucking gonna die

  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop every day and I will say more please

  • I have never been able to watch the age restricted videos. Now I got my phone and made my self 420 years old I can watch age restricted videos.😏😁

  • “kids say the darndest things” has been around since the 60s , it’s not even an original idea

  • 'corpses don't do well in ISchats videos' only if Logan Paul had kept this in mind

  • Glad I finally watched this good sh*t

  • 0:18 idubbbz was the imposter

  • 0:14 he lookin thic

  • I used to watch FBE without knowing it was the Fine bros

  • When u said the n word my d ick attracted for my body

  • I'm really sad that we never got kids react to content cop where they have 8 year olds to call Ian a degenerate retard

  • I had an allergic reaction and the fine bros sued me

  • Funny

  • 6:04

  • 4:57

  • 6:13 Um...Unus Annus?

  • 0:31 that fucking hurt

  • Your microphone looks like a fucking sniper rifle

  • All I wanted idubbz to Collab maxmoefoe a special content cop episode

  • You could still make insest jokes because that shit can't be explained by anything else

  • 5:04-6:04 Bluehole:Take notes, take notes!

  • there was this bitch on either kitchen nightmares or hotel hell who tried to trademark the word hon..

  • If we have to be honest, this is the only content cop that is bad not bad points mind you but certainly didn't aged well, due to the fact people were already dragging Fine Bros down.

    • oops, just forgot about that

    • it was just unnecessary

    • didnt age poorly.

  • Corpses don’t do well on ISchats well there we go at Logan Paul you should’ve just listen to a content cop

  • Dude I just found out about this! They are trying to copyright the word "react"? That is messed up! This is def gonna end their youtube career! No way they will recover from this one. They'll probably be permanently banned from youtube for falsely claiming reaction videos anyday now. Awesome video you happy guy looking ass, duh fine bros def goofed!

  • Who else misses the good ol' days?

  • I live in France and in high school we had to study a teens react video as homework I wanted to die

    • @Classic80sStuff it was a teens react about JNKO's I can't really remember everything but we were supposed to study the what the teens were saying the adjectives they used, that kind of stuff. In my friend group we already spoke good english so we where'nt really paying attention to the video it really was just boring

    • Why? What reason could the teacher have possibly had to make you do such a worthless thing? I need more info please!


    • A male having the same parents as another or one parent in common with another.

  • 6:01

  • 3:20 Logan Paul in 2018

  • The shit Ian does for the intros never gets old

  • He looks like a dwarf from God of war 4

  • 2:00 hahahahaha that's a lie.

  • Imagine walking through somewhere and you just see Ian in a cop costume with a pocket knife running at you to cut all THREE ball sacks because you called him a simp

  • 6:03 true love

  • Sometimes I like to go back to these old content cops just to enjoy someone shitting on horrible people but then I remember that nothing has changed and everything is just as shit as it used to be

  • Hu hu hu pussy lips

  • 3:21 “Corpses don’t do well on ISchats” damn he really predicted 2018 didn’t he

  • Is this the jew Mario?

  • D E F I N E B R O T H E R

  • I would argue the excuse they gave was more an example of revisionist damage control because previous statements completely contradicted it.

  • can someone link me to eles channel

  • Nice

  • Age restricted? What hell for?

  • It’s still relevant now :)

  • i thought that guys eyes were just an edited photo

  • They look like the worst Rhett and Link impersonation.

  • Ah yes, age restricted always means it's a good video😎👌

  • he just told us how to get rid of keemstar Trademark The word DramaAlert

    • Thats actually genius

  • The guy with the fucked eyes looks like Sid’s grandma

  • This is kind of the weird content cop episode everyone keeps forgetting about. Probably because it's age restricted.

  • Mannnn ISchats use to be soooooo much better

  • 3:21 that aged poorly

  • كس ام اسرائيل😂

  • “Nigga who was actin like me”😭

  • What a Jew

  • "corpses dont do well in youtube videos"

  • "I applied for the react trademark" Imagine one day watching 'Idubbbz reacts channel'

  • when youtube was great

  • Whe this cantry

  • Rip kobe

  • 6:03 hit me hard

  • Y in every idubbbz colab idubbbz get beat on

  • That how my mom hits me 😐 0:28

    • @Lunar Nice

    • @Drug_ Dealeryoure so fucking cringe man, using an emoji, smh, fuck you, go to hell

    • @Drug_ Dealer fell

    • @Lunar how do i feel "hurt"

    • @Drug_ Dealer also, you seemed genuinely hurt that someone used emojis lol.

  • 6:21 makes me giggle idk why

  • 6:04 damn idubbbz got them cheeks tho

  • well jokes on you im jew and poor

  • Its my last content cop that i watched grom this chechlist and its 2020 and idubbz is a fucking simp , fuck youtube

    • @Azz SLaPeRZ unless if he changes and you don't like him anymore.

    • MOhsen Vardan it’s probably just a phase because his girlfriend made an onlyfans account

    • @Azz SLaPeRZ he changed a lot , he is not himself anymore

    • MOhsen Vardan wow disloyal fan u should always support him no matter what

  • Simp

  • Yes.

  • 2:00 if you put a finger up his ass his eyes will probably look forward

  • 6:05 ...why does that kinda turn me on? :[

  • The fine bros won't be sponsored by raid shadow legends nomore

  • "you think running around in a oversized cop outfit cool?" dang Ian

  • I’m going to be honest not saying it’s bad but this is probably the worst of all the content cops

  • castlevania simphony of the night

  • 3:57

  • damn this was the good old days. please leave our girlfriend and get your balls and edge back please. we miss you idubbz

  • He not an SIMP

    • @Some Rat Kid agreed, he rushed that "simp" video...if he held back and waited for a month...he would of shutdown the situation.

    • No he's not but he handle the situation really poorly

  • Pimp to simp

  • simp

  • Fine Bros Dun Goofed

  • You defo cannot say 1:50 Today on ISchats.

  • Started watching these videos again, who's the blonde headed guy

  • Corpses don't do well on ISchats...

  • idubbbz has more guts than any other youtuber

  • The year is 2020. Ian has an ethot for a gf and is a certified simp. We need content cop again, but one about Idubbbz this time...

    • Nice copy and paste. Ive seen the same comment to many times

  • The forgotten Content Cop

  • He made one jew joke and now it's age restricted.

  • Im surprised Ian is friends with JacksFilms lol. Jack is friends with the fine bros.

  • T e a m M o c k e t

  • It seems to me , the Fine Bros. were looking to make some passive income

  • hey man, stop simping, I know you're really a pimp

  • Dude, why don't you have any wallpaper on your monitors like usual?

  • who else is re-watching all the content cops

  • 3:21 Me: Oh, so that's why Logan Paul's video didn't do that well.

  • "Benny Fuckedeyes" 😂😂😂😂

  • God, it feels good to be antisemetic

  • u wanna play D and D