PLUSH - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 13 nóv 2017
STill got a lot of packages. Probably will last for another year. On a side note, more 2nd channel vids soon. editing with premiere from now on, gon' be a tedious transition, but i think it's for the best.
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  • Pretty sure his gum is just crack and weed.

  • I got a joji ad on this idubbbz video...

  • When he stopped saying nigger faggot just because it might offend someone, everything went downhill

  • "I just got done cleaning up all this fish food" I love continuity in a series :)

  • i actually didnt watch this one before...

  • I would use that sowrd to annihilate all my oponents and all the cyberbullys hating on my ig saying that my wifu, princess peach, is not real

  • The suction cup things. I want to buy these. What are they called?

  • I spider crawled out in front of me at 7:04

  • When he put his glasses on the holder it made me think of LOBOTOMITES

  • Watching this in 2020 be like 👀

  • Can’t believe Yo Fucka Facka from 2035 didn’t warn us about 2020

  • His videos have never been more relevant who knew he was a prophet

  • I'm not acoustic. I'm a drumbass.

  • im scared it'll suck milk out of my nipps that killed me lol

  • 1950: I bet we will have flying cars in the future 2035: 8:15

  • 4:05 that antifa rally joke aged insanely

  • Best bad unboxing

  • 7:13 7:31 8:18

  • why does he have dishwashing detergent on his desk

  • I’m still wondering where he got that Predator shirt.

  • Yo nut scracha scracha Yo fucka fucka Funniest shit I've ever heard

  • If edoop was my brother id give him a noogie just to hear him say shit

  • 7:14 8:18

  • The blade of the gay

  • 4:09 he predicted the future

  • 3:31 ian i cant tell if your looking straight at the camera or the thigh gaps of an enormous woman your about to have oral with without looking at her cooch

  • 8:34 bro that's actually really satisfying

  • When middle schoolers lean about black history 1:51

  • Those suction cups are to suck the meat that gets stuck in your bones

  • Touch my penis gets me every time

  • dont sh*t on louie. hes awesome like you :)))

  • Me: minding my business My Kids: daddy we are bored Me: go watch cartoons The living room tv: 7:31 Me: WTH are y'all watching

  • Thats a cool sword

  • There’s also “Things Ellie likes”

  • The meme god

  • That predator shirt seems strangely familiar.

  • I genuinely want to purchase the blade. Dose anyone know where I can buy it?

  • I really want to know where he got the sick predator shirt.

  • 1:51 ha

  • Hahah "yo fucka fucka"

  • When you find out your teenhood hero met your childhood hero

  • 8:16, 8:36

  • 0:19 my love

  • Penis touch

  • i feel like this is my time to say i gave my boyfriend a hickey while he jerked off and the whole time his best friend was in the room who was clueless of this.

  • These bees? First of all, no.

  • I fuckin lost it when it cut to him with the hat and suction cups and him saying "yo wassup guys it's yo fucka fucka from the future" 😂😂😂

  • "And when feel when the dogs begin smell her"


  • 4:04 didn't age too well

  • this makes me happy

  • 0:51 Holy frick that is very epic because I have/had that book for some reason

  • 2 years later... you don’t realize how relevant that pepper spray joke was...

  • Yo can anyone provide a link on where he got those Hitler posters from? , they would look pretty cool in a ww2 display im making...

  • Lesson learnt: Don’t send Ian anything and expect it to remain in one piece

  • nut scratcha scratcha

  • Tbh I’m sorry but you should be a little more appreciative of your fans sending you shut

    • The whole point of the series is he just chats shit about it

    • Shit

  • Little did he know his moustache would become a meme 2 years later

  • that joke about pepper spray didnt age well

  • Yo nut scratcha scratcha

  • 5:30 instructions not clear. Asked during concert. Shat self

  • "bats are nasty" We should listened

  • dude that sword is sick af.

  • Those cups are used for milking logan Paul's breasts.

  • Use my code to make bank on this app called zynn: 7UBVTKZ. We will make hella money together 💰 💴 💵 🤑

  • cum

    • epic

  • Black ones in the back of the bus

  • 0:13 he thinks that content cop was cool, lmao. what a loser

  • 1:39 dum dum give me gum gum

  • 8:33 10/10 ASMR 👌

  • Make more Ian worm

  • 3:20 +100 autism

  • Where do I get a sword like that

  • Hit TV show, YoFuckaFucka

  • Intense boomer abs in all their glory

  • things tom likes. I'd buy it

  • Y this ad got gooba in it

  • 3:28 literally every special ed class ever

  • I love his tired reactions to stuff about Hitler because he knows how basic and lame those jokes are

  • 4:54 why people should believe idubbbztv is an educational channel

  • Tablet bees have the rinnegan

  • This episode feels like a fever dream

  • Nigga

  • 3:21 he looks like doofy from scary movie

  • Idk if ian knows that bees are hairy, meaning they can be plushes....

  • oh bats you say?

  • 2020 anyone?

  • That book had me dying

  • Penis

  • "Oh now the black ones are in the back that seems more appropriate" - Ian Idubbbz

  • I am not nigga I yellow

  • That berts bees body butter sounds like those incredibly complicated rhymes that the teacher says is so easy but is like an s grade

  • Do a content cop on joe Rogans podwank

  • if youre watching this in 2035 remind me that yo fucka fucka said thats the way to get our juice

  • Y o F u c k a F u c k a


  • 1:50 when you go on a bus in the 1950’s

  • I’m worried it will suck milk out of my Tits

  • 2:34

  • 2:32 lmao