Birt 26 jan 2016
#feistylilthang - SMASH DAT MF LIKE BUTTON. Big thanks to all the fellas at compound gym who are training me to smash skulls.
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  • *Title: How to get a Girlfriend* *Subtitle: How to become a SIMP*

  • 4 years later, still no reply from Jinx

  • I know this was all a joke but I lowkey feel like edups can fight. He threw those punches perfectly, even as a joke XD he just didn't put any power behind them

  • Imagine if this had of actually happened it would be jake Paul v idubbbz heyyyyy that would of been pretty good

  • Does anyone know what this song is? 0:17

  • Music?

  • And Ian destroyed that black boys career lmao he actually got hit hard there

  • Jinx Could Beat he Your Training is not Right, Jinx's Morning Exercise and Training Is Better tho! And iDubbbz just got K.O.!

  • I can't believe this was 4 years ago

  • To this day, Jinx's reason for not fighting was apparently because he believed Ian wanted a scripted fight.

  • Did anyone else notice that they were playing migraine by twenty øne pilots at the end or was that just me

  • Idubbbz vs Keemstar 2020

  • Your so ga man

  • Fuck you

  • 1:47 omg I'm dead

  • Where’s the fight bro

  • To people who still don't know the song from 1:30 it's I like it like that from Pete Rodriguez (not Cardi B) Edit: I don't if it's just me but finding this song felt sooo good

  • Now i wish Jinx would just beat your ass up

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy Ok dead meme whatever u say

    • Jinx was the one who chickened out Also henti pfp, your opinion is automatically wrong

  • that moment when you realize you're 4 years behind

  • If you see this Farting nigga ball sauce

  • ISchats boxing before it was cool

    • JinxReloadVEVO this was actually the only time where ISchats boxing was cool

  • Bruh Imagine if this fight actually happened? like it'll probably kickstart something, like Ian fighting shit channels

  • He started ISchats boxing

  • He looks like the cgi skeleton for rocky when he punch and kicks

  • Notice he didnt mention Minnesota Boy calling em out lol

  • 2020?

  • 0:58 Rise Against fuck yeah


  • 😂 oh this man~

  • Fuck you Cardi B

  • I'm still waiting.. Jinx can't put off this fight forever

  • oh god, he's so skinny!

  • He has the Edward Norton bod in Fight Club

  • "HOOOOOOOOO! When you bite the peach, the peach bites back" "MGNHMNGMHNGMHEATINGNINTENSIFIESTGMNHMGNHMNGHMNH" -iDubbbzTV 2016

  • Yeah if this fight would legitimately happen idubbz would lose

  • How did the chef joke begin?

  • Who’s still here 2019

  • 1:29 Damns I remember spammin the MY NAMACHef meme in school when this came out.. time flies :(

  • You can destroy a lying mans life in 3 minutes or less

  • I remember watching this before school when it first came out lmao

  • The original youtube boxing match

  • 0:25 song name?

  • I like how he picked the black punchbag... Nice

  • feisty little thang

  • Oh shit, i'd remember this

  • Fighting cancer be like

  • ian out here lookin like pre super soldier steve rodgers

  • Interracial

  • What’s the first song track m8 lol

  • I really liked that smart shit

  • Idubbbz = glass joe

  • Lol

  • What's the music he plays at the final clip?

  • if you like this comment your a dumb bitch

  • i've only just realised that he shook his head at the white punching bag and went to the black one, ded 0:27

    • Zorbal UwU really? i thought that was just an old people thing

    • pocky j that still don’t mean lots of people wear em. The only person on that list who regularly wore them was imdontai. Then again, he doesn’t wear them anymore.

    • GOAT *barely* ImDontai, A$ap Ferg, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator, and there’s even more that I can’t remember

    • He also went to a smaller black bag, passing on the biggest one.

    • Moe Lester he put that because jinx used to wear them. People barely wear bucket hats

  • I miss this idubbz

  • Does anyone know what song Idubbz played before he went to spar?

  • I of the dubbbz out here looking like jack hanma before the steroids

  • Nihga


  • cringeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Have you seen chef

  • Is it just me does iddubz actually have potential in boxing

  • I forgot Bout this one this one a classic

  • iDubbbz: Don't come to the cancer hospital tomorrow

  • im still wating

  • Can we all just go to Jinx’s channel and harass him until he accepts the fight? I need this fight to happen. Waited 75 years for this.

  • Jonx is deayd

  • Doesn't really fight jinx

    • @Jonathan V really? I thought idupppyz just made it a meme

    • Because Jinx pussied out

  • Boi got tht crisp armbar

  • Look at that forehead... it looks more like a fivehead.

  • Idubz is freeesh

  • Wait in the last scene Cardi B's i like it starts playing and that was released in 2018 but this video in 2016 hhhhmmmmm

  • Nice Hanes. What are you, poor?

  • Still waiting 😪

  • tell me why theres an ad pop up for Gulf Coast regional cancer center...

  • Sam Hyde did it first

  • Song?

  • rip

  • 2 years later, still gotta admire Dubbs dedication to call bluffs! Pity Jinx pussied out, would've wanted to see that fight happen.

  • Does he actually have cancer

  • so no one gonna say anything bout what happen 0:50 - 0:52

  • Jinx acting like he was the shit and yet he pussied out

  • Maybe Gavin McInnes vs CopperCab will actually happen

  • Look at your man Now back at idubbbz Now back at your man Now back at dubbbz You got a man? What are you? Fucking gay?

  • 1:11 that guy was going so easy on him, lol

  • Wow

  • To this year 2019, Jinx has still not replied.

    • Dude he's a pussy

    • Matthew Villanueva How he can, he would beat the white puddle

    • @Robin Miller maybe you should go watch his videos

    • Nigga got owned..! :D

    • bro im literally in tears right now, godfuckindamn

  • Looks like Gollum training for the rematch with Sam

  • This got recommended in my fitness category

  • Jinx's latest video at the time of this comment only has 12k views, let that sink in

  • Hey thats pretty good

  • this would of been better than the ksi vs logan paul fight

  • chef

  • How hard can you punch?

  • The mechanic

  • Ah the good days

  • I been watching alot of Mma stuff and this just came into my recommended

  • How the fuck is I like it playing?

  • In the thumb nail pic I thought the picture was a picture of Christian Bale in the Machinist but I guess it was really Idubbbz. LOL.