Crab Love - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 22 apr 2017
This time we crack open some regu-boxes. Turns out these boxes are anything but regu. They are baddd boxes. BAD BOYXES.
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  • Holy fuck the video quality is terrible

  • i feel bad for i dubbz sometimes

  • I wont comment anymore but my base set gem mint 7 charizard holo is still waiting

  • This is gold we will never have this type of content again

  • As a Marylander I know that’s a female from the apron and the color of the claw but it is decaying you can tell because the shell above the pincher is supposed to be blue and white but it is brown and the shell on turns reddish brown when it’s cooked

  • OoooOoOOOoooooOooOOooOooooooOoOOoooOoOOooooooOoOo crab and dubs of eye loveeeebmdrm r hub so ooo sooo. Chu tee ec ueeeTre

  • 2020 strong

  • What happened to filthy frank lol

  • me: literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day I am 14 and My dream is to reach 1000 subscribers, and i want to become a ISchatsr when i grow up and prove my parents wrong. Any support is appreciated thank you.

  • hungrybox moment

  • That loser didnt get the shoutout he asked for 😂🖕🏽

  • 4:35 never forget : (

  • "I'm Like a Jellyfish" -iDubbbz 2017

  • The mask was a warning.

  • 7:58

  • 2:40 wth is that

  • This is some real Jeffrey Dahmer $hit right here

  • just a grown ass man by himself opening fan mail and playing/talking to a dead crab lol

  • When tf was I watching this I just opened it I was mocked out then lmao

  • 2:50 had me dead


  • when he threw up i had a weird throw up texture in my mouth

  • Why is "sex offender shuffle" in my reccomended

  • what was in the cups tho

  • A bagel boy is when something dangerous is disguised as something nice

  • This isnt free bobux

  • 6:56 popbob irl

  • 7:07

  • 1:12

  • 🦀🦀🦀

  • that was blue mold on the baguel

  • Nice cap

  • If it were female but its female...

  • Speaking of a horror movie I look up I see a water bug please send help

  • "Watch out for the tick" part got me. He got a little uncomfortable.

  • Ohh no a rock went in my window ahah

  • the crab is from carolina, which is for animal dissections and lab shit

  • i love how he casually vomits while taking this video and after that he acts like nothing happened

  • R.L.Stien

  • Who’s watching this in 2020

  • my mans puked

  • "I said NO GROSS STUFF," Most unboxing videos: 👁️👄👁️

  • Watching this 3 years ago was funny as fuck but now watching I want to kill myself watching this but it’s still kind of funny

  • What is this song at the end?

  • This was pretty wholesome. I love it!

  • The people who send this shit genuinely have the best imagination

  • The puffed rice stuff in chocolate is just crispy smallpox.

  • Did anyone else notice he spelled extraordinary wrong?

  • He gags to the smell of crap but he doesn’t gag when in the stinky sewers

  • Idubbz is a fucking preserved animal

  • 😂😂 omg i feel so bad for him.

  • E

  • “Please shout me out my channel name is” Cuts out the name Me: savage

  • wait tf was the blue bagel?

  • I feel like ian makes these videos when he’s feeling shitty and impulsive

  • I've always wondered why he didn't put on the mask while opening the bagel boy

  • nice hat

  • "oh cool a crab oh shit its dead o-o"

  • Wait he has crabs

  • Simp

  • 1:37 oh no

  • if only he knew how tragicaly irronic him wearing a wask would be

  • wE gOT aN eGg COmParTMEnT!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • "I smell Corona here"-2017 Ian

  • Honestly, the Blue Crab is a cool gift, the socks as well.

  • They are supposed to be there when we get those same buckets for dissection class at school

  • The crab was a female😂😂😂

  • 😻✌

  • Out of curiosity , those cow socks he put on were super cute - are they socks or sock puppets??? I can’t find them anywhere ;-; edit: they’re at 5:30

  • I swear i come back to theese every now and then and «I lOvE tHe SmElL oF bUlLeTs» always gets me.

  • He sent a female crab

  • How can anyone watch how outlandish his content is and yet, his girlfriend having an onlyfans is what made everyone respond to him? 😆

  • "I haven't forgotten about my boys!" got me in the heart cuh

  • E .... Why u still here.

  • What happens to maxmoe fo and his bro’s in 2020 and don’t ask why I’m watching this in 2020

  • 2:50 chicken tikka masala?

  • Gokd to see he had a mask for covid the whole time

  • If idubbbz actually got diagnosed with cancer one day nobody would believe him.

  • Thanks For the Shoutout iDubbbz!!!!!!!

  • “Please make more videos with Frank” Little did they know...

  • You ain’t nothing but a blood hound =you ain’t nothing but a hound dog

  • I love them African black soap

  • The buck is a bagel boy

  • 2.51 for vomit

  • IDubbbzTV: ''Don't eat the tick keep it a-....a tick? don't eat the tick- fuck off..'' That part killed me xD

  • If you skip the intro and close your eyes it sounds like kids in a mental hospital opening their Christmas presents

  • 1:13 you know that you are lonely when you are 25 and angry over spilled bubbles

  • Titty

  • What was in the cups

  • Your fucking stupid

    • @Gregorio Galindo lol 🙏

    • @Leonic Space gimme a high five for that roast 🙏

    • You wanna know how pathetic you are? That you feel the need to comment on a ISchats video something negative hoping and praying to god that you get some kind of attention since the only attention you get is the belt from your dad and getting bullied sorry man hope you get a better life

    • Shut the fuck up

    • Man you don’t even use proper grammar and you are calling him stupid?

  • 3:38 the journey begins

  • I wish people would send you nice things. Yes. Your series is called bad unboxing. But doesn’t mean to send actually shit. :(

  • E

  • lol vomiting to don't open Bagel Inside

  • 5:08

  • 0:04 hey there, hi there, ho there, you're as welcome as can be. WHO'S THE LEADER OF THE CLUB THAT'S MADE FOR YOU AND ME. Aaaaaaaaa FULL METAL JACKET 💔💔💔💔💔

  • Fun fact.. that crab is indeed a female...

  • Idk exactly why but him getting a crab just really fucking disturbs me.

  • please give me a shoutout my channel name is- *cuts*

  • For fuck Christ sake. I can watch him say that over and over again that Is such funny thing to say XD :p :d :)