Birt 15 nóv 2018
Yeah, yeah. I know bros. I havent uploaded in a while. My dog kept eating my vids...Don't worry I have disposed of the dog. There isn't going to be anything keeping me from making vids now.

Lottery odds re-visualized/conceptualized:

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  • I thought you were saying "it's attacks on people who don't know how to do math" Now I realize you're saying "a tax"

  • I never received the order to bullie my grandparents

  • Bunch of hookers and cocaine

  • A simple argument Giving at least 1 person the chance to win millions of dollars,nobody would do that

  • I hate thier feckin stupid gambling faces. imbeciles. Also being a person who has worked to process the number 1 billion, it amazes me when idiots think 1000 is a lot in a contrast.

  • are we gonna ignore the fact that he literally broke two chairs

  • My grandpa buys a lottery ticket every time he goes out and he’s only won 5$

  • Fake news! I got a dollar from spending 200

  • I won the lottery

  • My roommate got out of my car at a gas station, bought a 12 pack of cheap beer, and used his change for a scratch off ticket and won $10,000. He’d probably only had bought 25 tickets in his life and quit buying them right after that.

  • every so often, when I feel disappointed in my own intelligence, I watch this video. And reflect.

  • I'm fine with capitalism, but I think America takes it so seriously that their economy suffers and every product is crap because they only care about money

    • You aint lyin man. -Chevy truck with cheap wiring so I have numerous electrical problems including no AC -Midi controllers I bought with shitty drivers (Korg) and potentiometers that stop working (Novation Launch Control) -A Char Griller that cant regulate heat because the inlet damper is so thin that it bent and allows too much oxygen to the fire -cheap custom computer cases that can easily break when assembling because of the plastic tabs -shitty computer components (Corsair) that cause way too much noise because the fans suck. I could go on....but you get the idea.

  • my big thing is that if you win you have a HIGH chance of dying, whether that be suicide or someone will murder you. the fact that that is a real problem even if you win just a million dollars is fucked.

    • meh. there's an easy solution to this. Set aside money for better security.

  • You have a better chance at winning at you’re local legal casino arcade then the state lottery, I’ve won $500 one night off of a $20 bet

  • 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • I’m going to start playing more and win the lottery just to spite him

  • 5:08 the real point of this entire rant was to squeeze in the Kylie Jenner part

  • yo but people do win the lottery, so it's not impossible

    • I think its the hope that people like....because that is a finite supply as you get older.

  • But people win alllll the time.

  • While i'm not a lottery sheep one thing should be said in their defense. People that waste all their income on useless crap anyway might be better off buying lottery tickets.

  • 8:15 O shit that's the University Village lol. That means my odds of winning at that 7/11 are greater right????

  • There are 1 billion seconds in 32 years. That’s not even a fraction of the chance that you’ll win the lottery.

  • Guys Ian lied I won the lottery last week.

  • If its not changed since I looked it up, there haven't been a trillion people on earth since the beginning of time

  • Funny, I got a power ball ad while watching this

  • Ahh who cares what people want to spend their money on. Some ppl buy beer, weed, fast food, or cigarettes and well others lottery tickets 🤷🏽‍♀️. Go cry to ya momma or Jeff Bezos about it

  • Content cop-the lottery

  • I won the lottery

  • If I win. I'll send you a grand, and you need to make an I told ya so video and roast yourself

  • I work at a Shopper's Drug Mart, and whenever a customer's total comes to an even amount, most of the time they say "I need to buy a lottery ticket now" 😕

  • I’ll hit you up when I win we can interview

  • Even Mr. Beast who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on scratch tickets doesn’t win the big jackpot

  • Big brother from George Orwell's 1984 uses the lottery to keep the uneducated lower class at bay and distracted.

  • Fuck you Idubbz. Jk I love your videos. Fuck you.

  • This is great cuz Spotify now has ads like this that are completely misleading and obviously bullshit

  • If I won that shit the black market would be boomin' son

  • I like to open mtg cards.

  • Not even fucking joking. I showed my dad this video to try and get him to stop playing and then the fucker won the $100,000 jackpot. 🙄 listen to ian. The luck you need to even win a relatively small prize on a scratcher is astonishingly low

  • "The Mega Millions is one BILLION dollars!!!!" Yah, I wonder where they got the money. It's a giant MLM that's legal

  • When I worked at a convenience store, I'd watch some customers spend literal hundreds of dollars, sometimes EACH DAY, on lotto tickets and scratch-offs

  • In Norway, the lottery money gets distributed between sports, culture and humanitarian and socially beneficial stuff. I guess that’s not normal..

  • I think playing your local bingo would make better money

  • Ian gurgling is now my ringtone

  • I mean the increased jackpot increases the expected value of the ticket, so you get more back for the same priced ticket, that’s a reason to get “excited” I would say

  • I mean it keeps tax lower for smart people so 🤷‍♂️

  • In the UK we just have kids who shout 3 is a magic number and dance to promote the lottery

  • Our man is right. You are not pure if you play the lottery. I haven't once played it and at the brink of doing it, I found this video where iDubbbz taught me about the truth. I am now a free spirit.

  • Hey IDubbbz, love ya, but lottery tickets are not a tax. Its a voluntary transaction. I am not dumb, so I've never bought a lottery ticket, and guess what? Nobodies ever come to my house with a gun and said "Nah, you need to buy this, right now, or i will kill you." Thats how taxes work. If I don't pay my taxes this year, people with guns (the police) will come to my door, and shoot me if I don't comply. The government is evil. A business selling what it pleases, and a company being able to make the product of their choice, in some cases lottery tickets, is just how freedom works, plain and simple.

    • He wasn't being literal you dweeb, christ, maybe you should go play the lottery.

    • I will never understand taxphobia

    • I guess you don't know math

  • Never played the lottery, never will

  • All religions and lotteries sell false hope

  • he figures if you don't play the lottery you'll have more money to donate to iDubbbz. he's a genius !

  • I love his song at the end. It's like Billy Madison-era Adam Sandler. 🤣

  • But the chances are not “impossible” doesn’t matter how low the odds are, if people have won in the past then it isn’t “impossible”

    • you're being autistic

  • Damn. I'm a 26yo furry. Never played the lottery because I knew this information before even watching this episode lol

  • Idk the scratch off 1 dollar winner was worth the thousands I spent

  • My grandma actually won the lottery she was able to help my uncle's start their business and helped finished my aunties finish college she spent the rest of her money traveling.. Rip..Lola perla

  • I won a scratch off once lmao

  • i buy a dollar scratcher once a year on my birthday am i stupid

  • if the lottery provided a lot of money to education it would self implode

  • god i hate the dream fee

  • G D

  • G D

  • Consoomer.

  • I won 125000 on a lotto max in Ontario

    • That's super cute

  • This is just content cop for society

  • My neighbor won a million dollars and invested into a concrete business but I know that's irrelevant but I get what your saying. They're also happily retired now.

  • 0:21 That sounds like 🥛 (S E M E N...)to me.

  • i bought a lottory ticket for 10 shekels and got half of the numbers right so i got 11 shekels back

  • Proof Ian had Corona Virus first

  • “I won the lottery” - Dayron Arias

    • No one gives a fuck

  • one time I won a lottery thing in a vid game I put one dollar in the jackpot I had like 30m in cash back then and this dude puts in 200T keep in mind if he wins he gets both of our "bettings" and the more money u put the higher chances and I won and I was freaking out and I checked the odds and it was 792 duodicclion which I did not know was a number so tell me I will never win the lottery now (sad gamer noises as he realizes that he won the lottery in a dead game that he doesn't play anymore)

  • What a simp idiot. People all over the world win the lottery every week. Of coarse the odds aren't high. Not as high as the odds that you have never sexual satisfied a woman tho.

    • You're referring to yourself

    • Seems your not bright at all. That's all lies and bullshit. The lottery is a scam and the chances of people winning big are 1 in 1,000,000. Dont be brainwashed into believing there bullshit

    • @Billy M. yet you laughably still didn't fix your horrible English, but hey, stupid is as stupid does.

    • @TeamJella it was supposed to say aren't. I fixed it. Now go screech somewhere else.

    • The odds are high for winning the lottery? Then why don't you spend all your money on it? Also I love how you go around calling people an idiot when you spew nonsense and your English is awful, you're really getting them kid.

  • idubbbz if i give u $200 right now and then i spend $200 then there's twice as much chance of us winning

  • I used this to help me for my English essay on the lottery thx idubbbz

  • Mr beast watching this like 😟

  • MrBeast “I spent $1M on the lottery”

  • I would say the lottery is **cryptographically impossible**

  • I work at a gas station that’s pretty notorious for lottery in my area... there are a few people who come in that spend upwards of $200 every single day. Most people know that there’s not really a chance of them winning or even just getting their money back, but in my opinion it’s more of an addiction than anything else.

  • The thing is, most of the time lottery winner end up getting over helmed by gold diggers, bounty hunters, hateful comments, scam, phone calls etc and up putting to much trust in their family witch will inevitably get them either A killed or B poor as. The fact is, most of the time poor people win they’re rich for 3 months, and then they’re back to being poor, most of the time not just poor but in det.

  • Corona virus patient zero

  • An mlg kid making more money than an actual nba player would be actually hilarious though

  • Why do I feel retarded after watching this video

    • You probably play the lottery

  • Mr beast spent 1 million dollars worth of lottery tickets and only got 700k back. Proof that it's literally impossible to win the "MEGA MILLIONS"

  • That’s not los angelos that texas

  • Corona

  • Lol, Mr.beast just bought 1 mil worth of lottery tickets.

    • he´s predictably losing money while doing it though

  • i miss this era of idubbbz content

  • I don't understand, why are you all hating the lottery ? It improves evolution, the stupid ones gets their money taken away, while people that actually have brain get to keep theirs.

  • Oh yeah look who won the lottery, I did.

  • It tells you on the back of the lottery ticket the chances, it say like 1 in 3.465346 something like that but they are talking millions

  • 6:29 Oh "California Dreamin", sadly ian couldn't use it in his doc...

  • Plz don’t die we need you

  • I sold a winning ticket once. I wanted to die when I found out.

  • Quality in material has degraded over the years. Wonder who made the chairs.

  • But you can’t win if you don’t play

  • Anyone else vibe with his song at the end

  • Lotto money should be used to educate people about the lottery

  • lottery ticket people are wishful retards suffering from that instant success with no work mentality.

  • Idubbbz really just dropped a banger on us at the end of the video huh?

  • By the time you win the lottery, all the money will go to covering all the tickets you bought in the first place.