Coolest Cooler - Where are they NOW?

Birt 21 feb 2017
I hope you guys like this idea. Either way, different stuff coming. Then more of the same. Considering bringing back bad unboxing...
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  • Ian just shoots a 400 dollar to 500 and 300 dollar ice cooler with a shot gun, LOL

  • 10:08 Idubbz i didn't know you had Justin Trudeau collab with you in a video, cool.

  • He could've salvaged the other stuff before destroying it...

  • 7:58 me getting flashback from the day where I saw the video from how to basic penetrating the poor watermelon

  • I'd pay about 40 dollars for that. But I'd much rather pay half of that for a normal cooler.

  • is he filming at a shooting range?

  • $50 final offer

  • where does this hairstyle fit in the lore

  • WHAT are 30 ... When are you going to grow up ?

  • He's so meek looking that when he went to break the watermelon in half I really thought he would hurt himself

  • 2:56 to 3:02 is my favorite part.

  • I am convinced we are watching a man's slow descent into madness

  • A beach would sand fuck it

  • it is funny how I was doing the same thing for sneezing at the same time I was watching the video...

  • iDubbbz, where are they NOW?

  • That still doesn't look bad and a waterproof speaker that big is normally around 100 dollars so that probably most of it

  • God bless

  • I actually liked the whats in the box series... it sucked dick but I liked it...

  • “Here’s how you earn passive income: you trick the dumbest people in the world into buying the secret to earning passive income”

    • Wait a minute...

  • Yea

  • Full circle with the smoothie

  • Are you at a fukn shooting range? What’s all that noise??

    • It's a school

    • Yes he actually is lol

  • A blue tooth speaker??!! Yay now I can be the worlds biggest asshole at the beach

  • whats in the boxxx is cool

    • I actually liked it :/

  • I love how he follows the rule that you can only do reviews at interesting places.

  • was this a collab with Hickcock45

  • He looks like Edna modes

  • Why the hell do I want that cooler now... 😭

  • I like your hair In this video. You should try it out again

  • we actually got one of them, some people with earlier numbers that we knew didnt though. So if anybody ever wondered, the number didnt mean anything.

    • we really like it because its fun for boating, comes with a full BT radio so we could play music while anchored down.

  • 99.99 is a fair-ish price

  • Give me a whiskey im ganna smoke that shit.

  • I saw some guy walking up to the beach with one of the coolers and called him out and it turned out to be the ceo

  • The coolest cooler is crap......I got mine off amazon 😂😂😂

  • 0:03 No Ian. You're a simp.

  • This cooler lowkey pretty dope and chill, breh.

  • 4:12 Maybe don't fucking buy a cooler then, lmao.

  • 🤣

  • Can anyone tell me what the song in the intro gag was?

  • What the fuck is up with your hairdo lol...

  • 5:30 What's popping?

  • Man I felt that ThAnK yOu

  • The fact that he deliberately chose to start his intro by sneezing is amazong

  • He looks better with short almost bald hair.

  • My sister bought this for my dad father's day a few years ago.She is now his favorite child.


  • I'm from south Africa 😐

    • Congrats!

  • Are you on a shooting range?

  • His website looks and sounds like a porn website thats telling me that local girls want to chat and is trying to take my credit card info

  • The cooler looks like it weighs 250kg! 🤣

  • haha i want to die

  • 00:06 What song is that?!

    • It’s “I fink you freaky” by Die Antwoord

    • I have no idea which song it is but the artist is Die Antwoord on youtube

  • Those people are dumb as shit. Why not just buy a fucking yeti??? Its useful and reliable and you get the fucking thing you ordered.

  • this haircut is the best

  • love how there's just a firefight going on in the background really immersed me lol

  • (4:40) What does your skin colour have to do with it? This is a really awkward thing Americans do, that seems very racist to people in other nations.

  • I love how there's just a brake rotor chillin on the range

  • Was this video shot in the middle of a civil war tf😂

  • That’s a lot of crappie in one cooler

  • You are a simp

    • @LuckyDT daaaamn guy

    • @LuckyDT damn man u totally destroyed me verbally over here oh wow im going to sleep

    • Vlado Atanasow You tell em Vlado! Yeah, you tell idubbbz he’s a simp! Great job Vlado now that you totally pwnt odupz, What will you do next with your cutting edge, vicious insults? Lmao simp lol 💯💯💯💯 lol u told him he’s a simp lol lol lol lmao 💯🇳🇬

  • I still think that cooler is awesome

  • Apparently at least 20,000 people never received their coolers. They closed up shop in the end of 2019.

  • Dora explores mini fridge

  • Shot gun = yes yes yes

  • Watermelon is RUINED 💔

  • I liked what’s in the box but ok

  • 309

  • I saw somebody pledge in video

  • it's just gonna get sand fucked !

  • $80

  • Fucking awesome! I watched until the end and was treated to that thing getting blasted the FUCK!

  • how much does 40 pounds weight?

  • is no one going to henchman all the gun shots

    • How does one henchman gun shots?

  • you should have pissed on it to check if it was waterproof

  • 10:32 Me: "Oh, that’s why I heard the ambience for Call Of Duty World War 2 In the background"

  • Why the fuck did you go to Afghanistan to film the review

  • I can make myself sneeze that way too!!

  • I appreciate his shitty haircuts.

  • Why did he shoot the 200.00 coolest chest for?

  • Your at the gun range? Wtf is wrong.... nvm I have an idea

  • Are you next to a FUCKING SHOOTING RANGE!!!!!?????!!!!

  • Why is this shit $450? I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for this shit

  • 3:07 is that episode 3???

  • Why were you in a firing grounds?.

  • Lol. “That cooler looks epic”. “Low key cool”. Fucking ghey reeturds

  • The dumbest fucking cooler

  • 6:39 bustin a groove

  • Casually having a picnic in Iraq

  • i loved whats in the box://

  • the way he cut that cucumber made my dick retreat into my body. i’ve seen it a million times and it still freaks me out. fucking hell..

  • is h in Iran?

    • H? As in heroin? Yeah, a lot of it is made there.

  • Wtf. Happened to his bangs. Must have missed that video.

    • he shaved his hairline for the leafy response vid💕sexy haircut tho 😍😍

  • 3:08 Maybe someday we'll see this in full.

  • God, he looks like Adam Lanza in this video. That was the Sandy Hook kid's name, right?

    • Nah, that was Sam Hyde you’re thinking of.

  • WHY Blast it all to shit afterwards for !???

  • where is that "thank you" from at 10:07 ??

  • It's funny that there's like only 4 episodes of where are they now because those are the only ones that went anywhere after Kickstarter, lmao

  • Fucking string betting

  • 10:07 Where did 90s Adam Sandler come from?

  • All I gotta say is Lord Farquaad