Content Cop - KEEMSTAR

Birt 5 maí 2016
Sorry to all the people who have ever interacted with this disgusting human being.
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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I'm like 75% serious most of the time. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.



  • well... i guess the pyrocynical shit is a little more relevant now

    • @Pake Jaul check the whole thread again, hasnt been fully proven. i love pyro but i just want him to talk about this shit

    • It was literally proven fake within the first hour, "deleted user" was the first red flag

  • I keep forgetting H3H3 copied this and made a really shitty petty version to boot. Somehow Ethan having a kid turned him into one.

  • okay how was leafy one harassment and this wasnt he literally said kys and shot an object that represented him wtf im not saying this should be taken down but why did the leafy one get taken down

    • @Amir Khan oh im not even talking about pokimane video that was bs him getting banned but i was talking about content cop leafy it got taken down for harassment long after its release and this didnt even tho its worse idk maybe they are trying to censor leafy even more by banning the video w his name w the most views and what not youtube is weird

    • Different era of ISchats

  • Uncle Dane Nword

  • This has more views than anything keemstar has ever made

  • Oh fuck a rattle snake Proceeds do choke gnome

  • He looks like logic

  • I respect this man for using the n word no fucks have been giving

  • tornado ymca mikecrack maxmoefoe annaakana

  • why does he not get hate anymore so where just gonna ingore him always saying the "nigger" and now he is fine

    • Who?

  • Let’s give it up for people watching in 2020 🪂

  • Are IDubbbz and keemstar ever do real fight ?

    • @milk maker sunchip they did before one two fist throw in yesterday movie cop video yes

    • No they don’t be do that before

  • I hate that plainrock124 is teaming up with keemstar. Plain rock is one of the funniest people on ISchats, and he seriously could’ve chosen anyone else to become friends with

  • the reason why he keeps that beard is probably because he dont have a chin like leafy

  • and when we needed him most...he vanished.

  • weekend zero intervention

  • There was a ninja turtles movie reference

  • Dude pyro got huge since then

  • Whos here after the h3 content nuke

  • Just imagine the teenagers daring eachother to go in the sewers then hearing that..

  • My guy is saying the n word with the hard R like every 5 minutes 💀 imagine if this was made today

  • I miss this idubbbz

    • @Kai Kulha and nobody asked either And racism can be ended by declaring that no lives matter

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy mate I didn't ask you fat reddit using fuck

    • Boohoo Let me press F on the world's smallest keyboard

  • Kremestar needs to be toppled? Please idubbz smash the gnome,

  • When the world needed you most u vanished

  • Hey now, you're a keemstar

  • He warned us, twomad warned us too.... ....why didn’t we listen?

    • He is now covering beauty drama over overweight woman and calling gay guy ugly, like what great informative content, his content reminds me of those loop hole breast feeling videos from like 2016 ISchats and I honestly hope karma bites him harder then anyway else on ISchats

  • and he never change......

  • very chems

  • yes good quality content

  • 18:54

  • Did you notice the part at the end where He almost shot him self in the leg

  • The best intro ever made I wish it was a full movie

  • 2:10 song?

  • MASTERPIECE of roasting. but the gnome survived everything.

  • Oh shit its the ceo of Minecraft Monday

  • The only one who has been able to keep keemstar quiet on his twitter is idubbz, literally everyone else who has obviously won against him still get responses of him, even though he obviously is in the wrong. Keemstar is just a human piece of shit.

  • I'm autistic...I hate keemstar more

  • Ye ye ye ye ye

  • The gnome!

  • Ahhh a relic from a happier time

  • That fight scene is the only reason Why i watch this video

  • Idubbz:"almost steps on rattle snake" Cameraman:Hell yeah dude

  • just go onto Roblox end someone ONLINE and ask for an item and they become a slimy manipulative piece of blocks just like him

  • 14:32-14:34 if only right?

  • No matter who this dude makes a video about he is going to be considered a bad youtuber.

  • I wont comment anymore but I also watch this one every day... come to think of it I actually watch every content cop evrey day

  • How keemstar stays relevant: no once cares about his channel. It’s all about who the dude hangs around. When the dude was started to gain popularity, he was hanging around grade a under a and leafy (the biggest you tubers with toxic fanbases at the time) and their toxic fans immediately started defending him. However as soon as their channels died, he was sorta screwed. However as soon as Jake Paul and rice gum took off, he trailed them. He is a ISchats leech

  • That keemstar jingle at the end was really catchy

  • Eh pew news is a better news station

    • @WordsOfWisdomX666 oh I apologize, have a good day sir.

    • Man it was a joke bud

    • eh the usual "pewds has has alot of subs so i should praise him" move

    • That died like a year ago

  • The way Keemstar talks reminds me of my dumbass neighbor who would steal my stuff and cheat at games

  • Keemstar is the Ben Shapiro of ISchats

    • But Ben Shapiro could take a joke.

  • Keemstar "I treat my subs with respect!" Also keemstar: "I only do this show for money and I hope you all die of cancer!"


  • Keemstar: dude I would destroy your career Idubbbz: im about to end this mans whole career

  • Pyro is way better than the gnome...

  • I just visited RiceGum’s grave thought I would stop by keemstars.

  • Tough gnomes... If only keem was

  • Its time to get back at work

  • can someone explain the fact that idubbz calls out people saying the n word while he himself says it with a hard r?

    • And he doesn't say it with a "Hard r"

    • He didn't call Keem out for that, he was using the quotes as a joke.

  • I wanna watch that video where he is yelling at the guy about financial issues, just to see how off the walls keem gets

  • 7:00

  • "LESS GET RIIGH INTO THE NEEEWWZZ" Has a bonded naked guy in the background LOL.

  • I'm convinced that a child just mind controlled an adult and that's how keemstar was created

  • Logan Paul called out Jake Paul for not being thankful for his fans. Just wait till he here's Keemstar's opinion on his fans

  • "I would destroy your career if you made a video on me." sorry, only Ian can destroy his career.

  • Even though the most famous content cop was on ricegum, I think he hates Keemstar the most and I wouldn't blame him

  • RIP Idubbbz channel but he was always accurate :)

    • @Pac Man he has many frequent upload gaps A big upload gap means he's charging up for something big

    • @Shoe Gang Podcast uh lol I made this comment while playing Minecraft but he barely makes videos he seems very distant and just does it cause he has to

    • Wdym rip he still makes vids and ice cream man was very good

  • If ian were to make a content cop now this video would be adleast a hour

  • If you're friends with someone because they hit you up in the DMs, then me and Chris Paul (from the NBA) are friends. I messaged him "good game" on twitter. He was playing in Charlotte, which is where I'm from and he replied "thanks buddy" I still have the screenshot. Not only did he DM me back, but he called me buddy. We're basically best friends, so suck on that

    • You honestly have more things to back up him being your friend than keem has in any scenario with DMs

  • I've been listening to hey now your a keemstar for the last 4 years

  • It's so funny because idubbbz has genuinely nothing to lose.

  • Lol this is still funny to this day.

  • Song was dope but ur weird as a fuck

    • johntheGoat 23 yeah just by the name sounds like your average keemstar fan alright

    • CONGRATS YOU JUST GOT THE JOKE yaaayyy.......

    • That's kinda the point

    • Ok (KID)

  • i like how in the hey now your a keemstar segment he shoots him with a real shotgun and then uses a *fake knife*

  • When someone lie to you, then move their eye alot

  • Ians been in way to many sewers 🤣✅

  • gnomeo and juliet be like eyeball emoji


  • Who gave idubbbz a gun

  • I kinda miss old pyro

  • I have never seen a such good action seen also .I have never seen a man resala a garden gnome

  • The times when a white guy was aloud to say the n word. And any one could say “kill your self”.


  • Keemstar does look a lot like a gnome or maybe he is a gnome and he became a real boy

  • Content cops are idubbz thing, h3 should've kept it that way

  • Tbh keemstar is as bad as fortnite too

  • I think content warden would need to interview keemstar

  • Bro idubbz has more subs 2020

  • You know it’s incorrect for a non British person to say cunt

  • Uncle dane sounds really good in this

  • that juggling in the end wow

  • Brilliant, this man is. Brilliant!

  • Wow h3h3s video was just a crappy copy paste of this

    • It kinda was, but his video had more substance to it than this. But that’s because keem has done a lot more shit

    • True

  • Bro I remember when this was the meme back in the day smh times changed

  • We need this man back

  • Simp

    • @Audecious. ikr

    • @STAND-USER:Fun-Subs its still his dick that gets in, not them, theyre paying for an ass pic, theyre the idiots.

    • the drama was like months ago

    • @Audecious. Agreed. Idubbz even made a video years ago talking about people like her, but since it's his gf he defends her.

    • @STAND-USER:Fun-Subs thats what I mean, His GF is the kind of people idubbbz would make fun off, the association was the problem

  • I at first was thinking, "Yeah hes an asshole, but he can change fir the better." And then he talked about youtubers going on drama alert and saying that a big one will go on to clear their name, so I realized that he makes up fake and really controversial and personal news, and if you dont come on to his channel as a big youtuber, and give him a sub boost because all of these children see a big youtuber on his channel. And if he doesn't get the sub boost, since you didnt come on to the channel he makes it look like he was right and you were an asshole. That's such a manipulative and crappy thing to do, and it would save us all if youtube removed all of his channels.

  • Damn and I thought I was repulsive.

  • how much popcorn did u buy jesus christ

  • The good old 5th grade days